EFT Matrix Reimprinting interview

Caryl Westmore introduces Annette du Toit

Meet Annette du Toit, a South African Emotional Health Practitioner, who tells us in this Healing Hangout how she integrates the Emotion Code into her work with EFT tapping and Matrix Reimprinting.
Annette du Toit is an Emotional Health Practitioner in Johannesburg, South Africa. Originally working as a Management Training consultant, she began to realise (at that time in the 1980’s) that “emotional intelligence” was never addressed so she looked for alternative methods that addressed the heart as well as the head and body.

Annette discovered the work of Louise Hay and trained as a Louise Hay “You Can Heal Your Life” facilitator.
But even that had shortcomings. She came to see that Affirmations, while valuable, needed “something more” to be effective – that is, first clearing the emotional traumas of the past.
Note: Louise Hay has recently addressed this issue, recognising the importance of a tool like EFT tapping in an interview with Nick Ortner.

Annette trained in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) which she now uses with her clients along with Matrix Reimprinting and the Emotion Code Dr Bradley Nelson.

In this interview Annette describes how she combines all three tools, depending on her clients.

She incorporates muscle testing (which is part of the Emotion Code) and finds it a key aspect of her work, along with her intuition.

Annette works from Health Works in Hyde Park, Sandton and also on Skype: jpgannettedutoit1
Telephone contact details: +27 82 442 0008 +27 11 463 8187 or email: taurus@mweb.co.za