EFT Tapping World Summit 2010 is delivering more than I could have dreamed. Hats off to all involved especially…Ortners. What’s wonderful is how this technique is powering global healing.

I’ve been a trainer and therapist using EFT tapping for more than eight years – and helped introduce it in South Africa – but still I am thrilled and bowled over and amazed at all that I am learning from people like Patricia Carrington on Boosting the Law of Attraction, and Rick Wilkes on healing Inner Child Trauma. These are both in line with my own work.



My ebook (soon to be audio): Michael Jackson: 5 Lessons to Heal or Change you Life is about the effect of inner child trauma that Wilkes pinpoints.

Empower your Younger You – shift old energies – ask permission first – picture yourself walking into the scene and you honor their boundary as to if they want help or not.
It’s wonderful to hear Rick describe this about transforming frozen energy into empowered energy in your life NOW.

Once cleared of inner pain and stuckness – NOW WHAT? What choices does this open up? Playfulness, re-parenting, compassion and comfort that was missing in the past. Allows your own body to flow and focus – radiate from your heart to the world in gratitude and appreciation.
As for Carrington’s session – it reminds me to me to make a daily ritual of tapping in POSITIVE SNAPSHOTS from each day and tell the Universe: “I want MORE of that”.
Cool hey?
Here in Cape Town where I am currently based to launch my Break-Free Fast book in bookstores – I passionate about doing more to spread the healing word with workshops and talks. Plus I’m boosting my own journey of success and passion with EFT Tapping and the 2010 Tapping Summit interviews.

These cover:
Tapping into Abundance: Understanding What’s Really Going on with The Law of Attraction
-Using Meridian Tapping to Quickly Manage and Eliminate Pain fro Trauma, Injury, and Surgery
-Freedom From Food! Releasing Your Cravings and Compulsive Eating Habits to Lose Weight and Feel Great
-Breaking the Chain of Addictions with Meridian Tapping-
-Meridian Tapping for Cancer Support
-Skyrocket Your Business by Overcoming the Most Common Business Fears

Get connected now and join the more thousands of others benefitting from the EFT Tapping Summit.