IPW Book by Caryl Westmore

Make Love Not War to the Writer Within

The Inner Path of Writing Book is an Amazon Best Seller
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The Inner Path Of Writing

Make Love Not War to the Writer Within

World-Famous Experts share Success Tips and Tactics for Writers and Authors to Break
Through the Blocks and Win their Inner Creative Game

Why Read This Book?

This book is a rich guide for you as an author (and aspiring author) who wants to…

  • Thrive in your career long-term.
  • Avoid the pitfalls of the #writerslife like Depression, Self-doubt and Writer’s Block.
  • Be Productive and Prosperous – without burning out or giving up.
  • Self-Care from a mind, body and spirit perspective.
The Inner Path of Writing written by Caryl Westmore

“If I could give ambitious writers one piece of advice, it would be: read this book to ensure you nurture your “inner writer” and master your mindset and motivation.”

Ray Brehm

Creator of the Six-Figure Author Summit Program™

“Caryl Westmore, a seasoned journalist and healing expert, has done an outstanding job interviewing a wide range of authorities (myself included) on how to liberate your genius as a writer, author and creative.”

Brandon Bays

International Bestselling Author of The Journey: An extraordinary Guide to Healing Your Life and Setting Yourself Free, Founder of The Journey Method

What You Will Learn

Writers! Are you tired of “waging war” on your Resistance to get things done?

Being a writer, author or creative does not mean you have to “bleed at the typewriter,” to quote Ernest Hemingway.

Nor does it mean, as Dr. Joe Vitale says in his Foreword, that you have to end up depressed, alcoholic, and dead at forty—like Jack London.

In this book you will learn there’s a far better way to bust blocks and free your Inner Writer that does not involve “diligently fighting creative battles with a tricky foe,” to quote Steven Pressfield.

Instead you will learn how to easily level up both your “inner and outer game” for a life and writing life you love.

Who Should Read It

Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, have already published books or are just starting out with a big dream, this book will help you navigate the perils and pitfalls of the writing game that could hold you back from producing your best work.

It will also help you channel your energy and millionaire mindset so you showcase your brilliance, set expansive goals and liberate your Inner Writer.

Dare To Dream

Marc Allen

Part 1

Winning Success Tactics
Writing, Publishing, Marketing

  • Dr Joe Vitale
  • Marc Allen
  • Karen Anderson
  • Michael La Ronn
  • Julie Broad
  • Derek Doepker
  • Jenn T. Grace
  • Ray Brehm
  • Paula Sheridan

Wins the Race

Dr. Joe Vitale

Everything is Energy

Silvia Hartmann

Part 2

From Stuck to Stoked
Liberating the Writer

  • Brandon Bays
  • Kevin Billett
  • Dr Laurie Weiss
  • Silvia Hartmann
  • Caryl Westmore
  • Sam Bennett
  • Joe Sanok

Find the root of
your silent Saboteurs

Brandon Bays

Clean Fasting is

Graeme Currie

Part 3

Health Habits and Self-Care
Staying the course long-term

  • Gin Stephens
  • Graeme Currie
  • Philly J. Lay
  • Mark Leslie Lefebvre
  • Caryl Westmore
  • Grace O’Donnell
  • Jason Hamilton

How to be a
Relaxed Author

Mark Leslie Lefebvre

“The craft of writing is one thing, but being able to overcome your inner saboteur is something entirely different. Caryl illustrates beautifully that if we sit down and focus on our end goals and get our inner critic in check, we can see extraordinary success as a writer or creative being.”

Jenn T. Grace

Founder & CEO Publish Your Purpose

“So much about writing is winning the war against yourself. Caryl gets it exactly right with The Inner Path of Writing by offering many perspectives from working writers and renowned experts.”

Michael La Ronn

Award winning fantasy writer and YouTuber of “Author Level Up”

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About The Author

Caryl Westmore B.A (Hons) is an Energy-Psychology Expert, Author; Summit and Podcast host of Write the Book Inside You and the world’s first Emotional Freedom Tapping Book Coach, helping writers and creatives bust their inner blocks so they can shine their brilliance and write books that change the world.

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