Tapping World Summit 2012

If you want proof how EFT tapping on body meridians can rewire your brain for stunning release from fears and blocks to live the life you love…then I urge you to watch this fascinating new video to launch the upcoming free World Tapping Summit 2o12.

In this candid video EFT expert Nick Ortner, main organiser and presenter of the Tapping World Summit 2012 and producer of the documentary film “The Tapping Solution” explains brilliantly – with scientific evidence – how and why meridian tapping can rewire the brain stuck in past pain or trauma.  The video then offers real life examples of EFT tapping’s life-changing benefits.

As Nick Ortner explains in the video:

What if I told you that right now there’s a part of your brain that is so old and so ancient that it can’t tell the difference between the life or death danger of a tiger that is about to attack…

…and the perceived danger of the challenges of everyday tasks like going to work, paying the bills and socializing with others.

And that if you don’t learn about how this part of your brain works and how to control it, that it could control you and your life…forever.

Imagine however that there was a technique that you could use right now to relax and manage this part of your brain and that it
was literally…at your fingertips.

And that learning this technique could help you with things like we*ght loss, your finances, pain relief, anxiety, procrastination, fears and
phobias and much more.

New science on how this technique is changing the brain is going to both shock and amaze you and have you wondering,
why didn’t I know about this sooner?

Well that’s exactly what the Tapping World Summit 2012 is geared to show you practically and powerfully as you listen and tap along with the presenters.  All free of charge!

The Tapping World  Summit 2012 is a must-attend online event that rocks the world of energy healing every year. It provides exceptional training in tapping and releasing from many of the world’s top experts in self-improvement and energy work – including coaches and practitioners in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and allied branches of  medicine, science, psychology, health and well being.

As the dates of the Tapping World Summit 2012 approach in mid-May I will be offering updates and reviews of the main presenters and events.

There is always something exciting and stimulating to learn – whether you are a complete newbie – or a long time therapist like me who trains others in EFT Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting and has written my own book on how it helps you to break free fast to attract the life you love.

Don’t wait a minute longer –

The tapping technique shown in this Tapping World Summit 2012 video was shown, in clinical tests, to reduce negative emotions like stress, anxiety, overwhelm and much more.

Take time NOW to go watch the video. You’ll be so pleased you did.