These are my TOP TIPS for helping you get the magical, thrilling, life-transforming benefits from EFT-Matrix Reimprinting that I promise you in a session with me!

Why? Because it’s not that difficult to do once you know how. As someone once quipped: “The more you practise – the better you get!”

Since training as a Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner with Karl Dawson and Sasha Allenby earlier this year I have had the thrill of working weekly – mainly on Skype – with trainees, friends, previous clients and new clients from places as far flung as San Diego, New York, Lebanon, Egypt  and the UK.  Prior to that I worked with numerous clients in South Africa.

I’ve offered myself as a recipient in several sessions during Sasha Allenby’s teletrainings. I’ve swopped with trainees and paid for sessions with top experienced practitioners.

Every time it blows me away!

Yesterday for instance my session took me into a Past Life, between Lives and a Future Progression in this life 10/20 years from now…giving me powerful insights and ahas and wonderful empowering imprints.

The scope to flow ECHO to ECHO via Energy Consciousness Holograms gives access to insights and resources in a super fast way with the ability to call in mentors, guides and support from anyone and anywhere in the Universe!

Let me be honest – I don’t often “do it on myself” despite my aptitude, skills and years of experience as an emotional-energy therapist. And even with a skilled empathic therapist you need to know…


It often takes me 10 to 15 minutes to get fully into a session – and usually the challenge is to by-pass my over-active mind. A good therapist will help you get through this starting phase!

STEP ONE: Put upfront an issue that you want to address.  For instance, let me share how it is for me:

  • Something may have pressed a HOT BUTTON in my life.  And I take the signal of feelings of anger, distress, frustration etc as a sign that something’s come up for healing/clearing/emotional spring-cleaning.
  • What I call a life-theme issue may have reared it’s head and I feel inspired to tackle it for renewed lessons and insights
  • Let’s say I’m focusing on a specific project – writing an e-book, decluttering my home, embarking on a new eating program – then an EFT-Matrix Reimprinting session is firstly the perfect way to get into the flow and remove any limiting blocks or beliefs that may potentially hamper me. Secondly – it gives me a wonderful way to do a Future Progression and see the finished outcome while getting encouragement and wisdom about what to do NOW from my Future Self.

STEP TWO: The start of the session seems frustrating at first as you root about looking for clues to access “an ECHO in the matrix” relating to the issue.

This is where rhythmic EFT tapping while talking, tapping, talking during this early part of  session works wonders. The tapping becomes hypnotic, like the beat of a drum in a trance dance… and soon it leads you inward into the matrix. The nurturing support of your therapist at the end of the phone/skype line while you do this gives that feeling of community that counter-acts the usual isolation associated with so many of our life challenges and traumas, big and small.

What this means is that if YOU are experiencing pain right now in your life – physical or emotional – it’s a signal for you to take action and get it SORTED!  One session of EFT-Matrix Reimprinting can make you feel clearer, focused, peaceful and free to make the right decisions to attract the life you love!

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