My Mission & Manifesto

END THE STRUGGLE, STRESS, STUCKNESS likely imprisoning your inner WILD and MAGICAL WOMAN who truly longs for:

passionate creativity,
juicy sensuous pleasure,
love and support – from herself and others of her “tribe”
financial freedom – doing what you love while making a difference in the world.

You are the woman I am called to empower and show the freedom way – paying forward what was once given to me by soul sisters skilled in the techniques of emotional-energy healing like The Journey, The Work and EFT.

I learned to break free by reconnecting and healing the younger abandoned parts of me –called variously – the Inner Child, ECHO or Exile – depending on the training but having the same outcome – helping you to:

reconnect with and heal younger abandoned parts of yourself frozen in time and trauma
forgive and let go the past
thus freeing up your beliefs, energy, emotions and intentional mindset to create the LIFE YOU LOVE.

I CAN HELP because…I was once like you smothering my own needs while being a good mother and wife – as I had seen my mother do before me. My story (which I share at ABOUT on the site) which seemed so traumatic and tragic at the time (losing my beloved dog in a house fire followed by the end of my 25-year marriage and feeling so alone, broke and despairing I wanted to die) was a blessing in disguise because it truly set me free.

And goal by goal I ended up living my dream life – married to the man I love, financially free doing work I love and creatively fulfilled (writing books, digital photography and painting), travelling the world to nature-rich places and thanks to the internet – able to reach women all over the world who long to break free too.

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