What is EFT Tapping?

EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUES (EFT TAPPING) is a method of meridian tapping or energy psychology which involves tapping with fingers on acupuncture points while thinking or speaking about negative fears, beliefs, thinking patterns so you can release them.

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It was pioneered by Dr Roger Callahan who called it Thought Field Therapy. 

Tapping was subsequently made popular all over the world by one of his students Gary Craig.

Early Life

Our beliefs are taken on board before the age of five or six years old, implanted by our caregivers, families, schooling and society.

Like sponges we soaked up how to respond to life, what to think and feel about ourselves and how much we “deserved” things like security, food, love and acceptance.

Many of us were conditioned as children to believe that we are not inherently good – that something is inherently wrong with us.

Plus…with competitive siblings and perfectionist parents and teachers we often come to believe we are “not good enough.”

Although those words may not have been said to you directly, you got the message every time you were told that you:

• “should have done this”

• “should be ashamed of yourself”

• “shouldn’t have done that”

I’ve been applying EFT with fantastic results for myself and others – for more than 20 years. At the start it was often viewed as a maverick, even dangerously misleading, protocol. Very woo-woo because it worked so fast and effectively in about 95% of cases.

Today, thanks to advances in neuroscience and psychology it is usually referred to as “energy psychology” and becoming increasingly accepted, especially by those helping with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome – for example war veterans or kids traumatised by school shootings in the US.

1. Simply EFT is “acupuncture” using fingers not needles, tapping lightly on certain meridian points on the body.

2. It addresses the concept of fear and the brain’s fight, flight or freeze response when under threat of danger, possibly death. This happens instantly in the ancient part of our brain called the amygdala – or primitive LIZARD BRAIN.

3. No matter how long ago a fear-making trauma happens to you – feelings buried alive never die. At some level your body is still alert to respond to the original threat, especially when triggered by something that reminds you of the original trauma.

What EFT does is reduce the intensity of the fear response and give the body a chance to calm down, think rationally.

Why EFT?

“So Caryl,” I hear you say,“I want to get on with my goal setting to write my book…lose weight, make more money – what has all this got to do with GOAL SUCCESS?”

The answer is simple: EFT can help you overcome the External and Inner Blocks which have the power to make you stumble and fall along your goal setting journey. I call these “Goal Stoppers” –  See my book 10 Goal Stoppers.


… are when you have to RESPOND to what seems to be happening TO you. You may feel hopeless and helpless. For instance you may need the courage to say NO or leave an abusive or bullying boss or spouse. EFT gives you inner strength to handle external blocks and make better decisions for yourself.

Why? Because it releases memories and beliefs from your early childhood and teens which helps you respond from your Empowered Adult Self and not a young victim child. You will handle challenges in life – External Blocks – much better with EFT.


Similarly, the inner blocks like Procrastination, Perfectionism, Overwhelm and all the other goal stoppers are also tied to past memories and beliefs which can cripple your efforts to achieve your goals.

Only with inner blocks we SHAME ourselves for not having more willpower and add to the stress of goal success.

And EFT is the tool you need to:

• RESCUE you from these past traumatic memories and beliefs to win at your dreams and goals in the now.

• REDUCE the feelings of isolation, unexpectedness and no resources which are typical of trauma.


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How to do EFT Videos

New to EFT?

In these videos Caryl demonstrates EFT Tapping and the EFT Gamut Protocol – and explains the advanced tool of EFT-Matrix Reimprinting