Attract True Soul Mate Love

He’s tall and energetic and brings light, laughter, love and color into my life – Nick is my true soul mate Love and attracting him into my life eight years ago was a miracle considering my history of growing up in a dysfunctional family and then repeating most of my mother’s co-dependent patterns in my own life and (first) 25-marriage of feeling stuck and heart-walled to him (and myself) despite devotion to my wonderful son and daughter who I love unconditionally now and forever.

If this resonates with you and you’re STUCK in a similar place…


  • You may have been dumped – or chosen to leave after things got too painful
  • You may have been single for the longest time
  • And you may tried so hard to apply the Law of Attraction – with zilch results


Let me help you to finally use the same break-free fast tools I used that can clear YOUR obstacles to love and re-script a new love story where you dump the Love Villains and Manifest your true Soul Mate Love Hero. Plus – the Life you Love.

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