Goal Success: Longing to achieve those impossible Dreams and Goals?

lower-res-goal-success-kindle-cover-zzzzSo what’s stopping you?


In one hour FOCUS COACHING with Caryl on Zoom you can begin your “5 Steps to Goal Success” so you can achieve your GOLDEN GOAL this coming year.

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Book Trailer of 5 Steps to Goal Success


LEFT VIDEO IS THE SHORT VERSION (6 MINS)                                                                        RIGHT VIDEO – THE LONG VERSION  (16 MINUTES)



  • busts your negative beliefs, habits and behavior set up in the past
  • nurtures the part of you (call it the Inner Child or ECHO) that experienced pain or trauma
  • transforms that memory into a new positive, empowering MEMORY IMPRINT which will
  • power-boost the LAW OF ATTRACTION so you can create and attract a new future and the Life you Love

Work with Caryl Westmore

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90 minute Break Free Fast Session with EFT-Matrix Reimprinting/Matrix Goals Reimprinting – £250/$300

Silver Break Free Package (5 sessions)

with EFT-Matrix Reimprinting/Matrix Goals Reimprinting £1000/$1215 (this is 5 sessions discounted by 10% )

From ZERO to 8 books written and published on Amazon.

I longed to write a book but fear of expressing myself and my feelings blocked me. Before working with Caryl I frequently lost my voice – especially when faced with emotions in myself and others.

I longed to be more creative and had a goal to write a book but never applied myself. After working with Caryl I noticed dramatic changes as my croaky voice (at the time) came back immediately and has not bothered me since. Several key memories were revealed and healed – one going back to age 3 and another when my English Professor threw cold water on my writing dreams.

Best of all, I immediately felt free to express my creativity in a powerful new way with tons more confidence and joy in my creativity and soon wrote my first book – which I saw so clearly in the Future Goals Reimprinting we did.

Several years later and I now have 8 books published on Amazon – and more in the pipeline.

Caryl has a true gift for bringing out the gold in her clients!”

Tanya de Villiers, Cape Town