I’m always blown away by Caryl’s energy and enthusiasm!

After working as my promoter for two years to put EFT-Matrix Reimprinting on the map in South Africa, she developed Matrix Goals Reimprinting which we highlight in our Hay House book Transform your Beliefs, Transform Your Life, EFT Tapping using Matrix Reimprinting.

I highly recommend Caryl if you want to tap into your dreams and goals for success in business, life and love – or to write that book!
~EFT-Master Karl Dawson

“Before working with Caryl I had a dream to be a writer and authorBut it was only a dream and something deep inside was blocking me. Everything changed after my Matrix Goals Reimprinting session with Caryl (in 2012) where I discovered the root cause and childhood incident holding me back. Within six months I published my first children’s book and since then – a total of EIGHT books for children on Amazon.

At the start of my session, I could hardly speak audibly because of my throat closing up around emotions. This was linked to fear of expressing myself fully in my life and work.

After the one-hour session the difference was immediate and results permanent.

My voice came back strongly from that time and my creative projects began to take off – thanks to her continuing coaching to get my first book published.

A few months later I got international recognition for the book “EFT Encounters with a Trapped Angel” and in the press, using EFT to help children with special needs.

I have since been inspired to publish six more books in English and Afrikaans for kids including “Ben the Clown” and a book to combat bullying.

Caryl has a true gift for bringing out the gold in her clients Let her change your life by helping you access your dreams and goals like I did.
~Tanya De Villiers, Cape Town www.eftelite.com


Met The Love of My Life

Thanks to Caryl, I finally achieved my goal to meet the partner of my dreams and am deeply in love. Before I committed to coaching with Caryl, I was fearful I’d be alone forever, stuck in past heartache and pain from the breakup of a previous long term relationship. Caryl helped me clear inner conflicts and negative beliefs with EFT-Matrix Reimprinting plus her special intuitive approach to love and relationship coaching.”
~Karin van Baelen, Belgium


So Glad I found Caryl

Caryl is like a guardian angel – and what she did for me, I like to see as a miracle. She took me from feeling lost, confused and “broken” by unhealthy patterns I was repeating in my love life and relationships to feeling like a strong and capable woman with the wisdom to make healthy decisions. I am so glad I found her – she made me feel safe and I felt dramatic shifts from our first session. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Doubled Income

I doubled my income, moved to a more lucrative selling area and sold my own home in super-quick time at an amazing price – all after EFT-Matrix Reimprinting sessions with Caryl to address issues of money and abundance.
~Sylvia Muzzell, Estate agent, Cape Town, SA

From Darkness to Light

To describe in words what Caryl did for me as a spiritual mentor and a coach I can only say…that it was like I kept myself in a dark room where heavy curtains covered the windows for years,… and she simply came in, opened the doors and windows and helped me see the sky, the trees and the magnificent sun again…..

Sometimes with a few simple words she took me from a disabling fear to rising to the occasion with hope…. in such elegant and authentic way Caryl re-introduced me to my true self and helped me see a magnificent new beginning on the horizon….
Thank you Caryl.
~Lily E, Dubai

Inspirational and informative

I just wanted to let you know I find you very inspirational and want to thank you for your generous and informative web site.
~Tina Jacobson, Australia www.tinajacobson.id.au