Oprah tells Larry King Live about her take on how the Law of Attraction works. Years back, fired by an obesssion about the book “The Color Purple,” she had a burning desire to be in the movie and was eventually called to audition.
But then she heard nothing and took herself off to a “fat farm” thinking she was too fat. Oprah says she was was in tears on the track, singing, “I surrender all, I surrender all.”
Then she got the call from Stephen Spielberg.

Oprah you are amazing. I love you.

I just love how you inspired my own life from before I had my own wake-up call and transformation. In fact I believe your show contributed to me never losing faith and hanging in there believing that eventually I would be shown my Divine Life Purpose.

Today I live, breathe and apply the Law of Attraction in my own life – and today declare out loud my own passionate intention for Oprah to one day read and review my book You Can Break-Free Fast – and find it inspiring!