Keep 2013 New Year Resolutions

New Year 2013

Do you want to be among the small percentage of people who make – and keep – their New Year’s Resolutions every year?

The two most common areas for goal setting and new years resolutions are:

  • performance – lose weight, get organized, stop smoking, exercise regularly, blog three times a week, make more money
  • relationships  – improve marriage, up levels of success in dating, cultivate family friends, spend more time with kids.

5 Ways to ensure you keep your New Year’s resolutions every year

  1.  Choose  FEW and wisely. As I recommend in my 5 Steps to Goal Success method, one “golden goal” carefully sifted from many possible New Year’s Resolutions is more likely to be achieved in the next 12 months than  a huge list of things you WISH you were superhuman enough to get done.
  2. Line up your energy and WHY this goal or resolution has meaning for you. Choosing to “lose weight”is vague but facing the risk of heart attack or diabetes in the foreseeable future will give you the reason why you will be saying NO to white sugar and  refined foods replacing them with protein and vegetables. Read Primal Body, Primal Mind : Beyond the Paleo Diet for Total Health and a Longer life” by Nora Gedgaudas, one of the world’s leading experts on Paleolithic (Paleo) nutrition. Check out this post at her website: The top 10 worst nutritional & dietary mistakes people make. It’s the way I mostly ate in 2011-12 to reduce insulin resistance, high blood pressure and drop 50 lbs and proudly achieve my new year’s resolution for 2011-2012.
  3. Plan carefully – take your time in choosing that golden goal/resolution. Don’t grab or stab at a radical resolution to stop drinking, smoking and over-eating because you feel self-disgust after the holiday season festivities. A better way is described here in this blog post 10 Goal Setting Questions to make 2015 your best year ever.  Plus you can follow the steps: “Get Inspired, Get Clear, Get Focused” as set out in my book Goal Success EFT Tapping which you undertake before you choose the single resolution that will inspire all your focus and time in the coming year.
  4. Win the war within. Befriend and integrate opposing parts of yourself buried in your subconscious that otherwise will sabotage your determined new year’s resolutions. For instance, you may have a younger teenage self that won’t give up smoking because he or she started smoking to be a rebel against parents and teachers – and is proud of that. Using techniques like NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), the Journey and EFT-Matrix Reimprinting you can integrate and harmonize these warring parts. It will make all the difference to making your new year’s resolutions stick.
  5. Expect to fail. There will be times in the course of the year ahead when you will feel like you’ve blown it. Don’t give up! It’s predictable, probable and possible.  But keep on anyway. Repeat your daily rituals, remind yourself of your bigger WHY and continue to get and look for support from your goal buddy, mentor, coach or supportive like-minded friends.

With these tips in place you surely will have a happy, resolute and successful year after year…may the force be with you!

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