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In this podcast, Caryl Westmore shares [bctt tweet=”9 book launch tips @CarylWestmoreUK learned from launching “The Inner Path of Writing” to become a bestseller on Amazon.#podcast #authors #writers #booklaunch” username=”@CarylWestmoreUK”]

She opens by reminding you that “Hope is NOT a book marketing strategy,” and there is a framework to launching a self-published book to Amazon and reaching “bestseller” status during book launch week.

Tip #1: Don’t fly solo. Get a team to help with marketing, proofreading and formatting the book. Caryl hired Books Go Social with Lawrence O’Bryan and a virtual assistant to help chop up videos into shorts and reels.

Tip #2: Get a professional book cover design. Caryl used 100 Covers and had a copy of the cover made to keep her motivated during the writing process.

Tip #3: Make sure your title, subtitle and book sales page is easy to say and memorable. Caryl used the domain to help promote her book.

Tip #4: Provide juicy bonuses. Caryl provided a book summary in video, an AI-recorded audio version of the book, and six EFT tapping videos to help writers overcome blocks.

Tip #5: Create a launch team (Advanced Reader Team) to help spread the word about your book. Caryl followed the advice of Honoree Corder in You Must Market Your Book and set up a Facebook Group of dedicated Advanced readers. Nurture your Advanced readers with emails and encouraging posts nurtured for at least 14 days leading up to the launch date. Firstly, you send them a review copy of the book, asking them them to buy it for 0.99c on Amazon and post their honest review on launch day. She thus achieved her aim of  15 4-5 star reviews for The Inner Path of Writing.

Tip #6: Netgalley was particularly important in garnering good reviews from professional reviewers. They include librarians, bloggers, booksellers and publishers.

Tip #7: Set up a dedicated launch page to collect email addresses and build buzz before the book’s release. Link to Amazon for the launch — later you can go wide to other outlets.

Tip #8: Stay healthy with a good routine of exercise and eating that fosters focus.

Tip #9: Keep the momentum going after launch by continuing to promote the book and engaging with readers. Also, follow up with the list provided by Netgalley of reviewers who downloaded the book but have not left a review.And thank the ones who did!

Stay to the end where Caryl reveals 2 big mistakes she ALMOST made (but avoided)  in launching her book The Inner Path of Writing, that would have sunk her.