Golden Goal to increase your money flow

Money, Money, Money

How to create your own reality (and thus achieve your goals) is here perfectly explained by Abraham Hicks.

The teachings of Abraham Hicks were the single most powerful influence in my life in 2000 that SWITCHED my fear, lack, doubt and insecurity into a journey of magnificence and goal success.


At first I had to go through  enormous challenges…things getting so bad I wanted to die.

But because Abraham said that this kind of CONTRAST is what shoots up our rockets of desire to create a powerful NEW reality, I stuck to my belief in what they said and continually pictured how I wanted it to be INSTEAD.

Your main work is to give thought to what you want and then achieve that and then more and more evolution. Your magnificent thinking mechanism creates what you want and then receive it into your experience as delicious enjoyment. Not the other way around – using action to MAKE things happen.

We spend so much energy trying to DO things, when in fact, all we need to do is just BE things, like happy, content, fulfilled, productive, enriched.

Follow your highest excitement-do whatever it is that enthuses you most. Have a strong belief in yourself and anything is possible. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Create Your own reality in life as a picture of you in the future

Circumstances do not create matter, states of being do! There is a greater part of you – an inner you that communicates through your emotions – positive enthusiastic emotions show you are on the path you seek.

This positive picture will help you create your own reality – trust your inner guidance – it is the harmony between what you think and what you feel.