With December 2009/January 2010 being a time of the blue moon – two full moons occurring in one month (see end of post as to which countries have a blue moon in which month*) I wanted to remind you of the power you have in you right now to make 2010 your best year yet – starting with these 3 tips.

1. Do a writing/clearing ritual to Get Clear on what  needs to GO and then what you want to GROW.

Jennifer McLean (Healing with the Masters) recently shared this lovely New Year Ritual which I have adapted as follows: Take two sheets of paper. Make a list for Go and one for Grow.

Go List is all the stuff you are thoroughly sick and tired of creating in your life – (e.g. excess weight, money challenges, procrastination re writing your book).  Look back on 2009 and write them down.

Grow List is 5 items you want to manifest, attract and create in 2010. Writing them down is key.

Burn both lists separately in a shell or container.  Take the ashes of the Go List and scatter them to the wind with a blessing that you no longer need them and yes, give thanks you learned the lessons they taught you.

Take the ashes of the Grow list and bury them in your garden – or a pot plant – symbolically giving love and thanks for the seeds of manifestation which you are asking the Universe, Divine Spirit, God to bless.

2. USE IMAGERY to create a Vision Board, Intentional Scrapbook or Mind Movie that speaks to your other-than-conscious mind and powers up your subconscious to attract your dreams.

3. CHOOSE ONE BIG GOAL per year and 5 To Do action steps per day.

Yes, as important as it is to have satellite goals under the titles of Personal, Physical, Business, Financial and Spiritual (all of which I recommend you do) I have found that the most powerful way to move successfully forward in my life is to discipline myself to choose one big goal to achieve per year – and after that focus in the now with one day at a time.

So ask yourself the question after reflection and the suggested Go/Grow rituals: “It’s one year from now – January 4, 2011.  What one thing did I achieve in 2010 that made the most difference to my life?” For instance in 2008 I set myself one big goal – to finally write my book “You Can Break-Free Fast”.

In 2009 I aimed to publish it, get it on Amazon and learn more about internet marketing with regard to my writing/speaking/coaching  career.

In 2010 -I am focused on building on that – expanding  my career as a Writer-Speaker giving talks and workshops globally, starting in South Africa where my book is now being distributed and publicized in bookshops nationwide.

As important as my book has been so too has been love and marriage…  living my “babyboomer honeymoon”  in love with Nick my husband of two years.

So it’s great to have satellite goals around your one big push to achieve that Big Goal. But keep them to 5.  That’s my advice.


When I got up this morning, I was tempted to think: “back to work” like so many others – maybe you?

But then I remembered – my “work” is my passion and play. I said to Nick, my husband – “We’re changing pace and focus today after a time of Christmas/New Year/my birthday celebrations. But today is a glorious divine abundant day (thanks Mary Hall for that affirmation). Best of all I get to play with my book, workshops and sharing my insights as to how you and others can “break-free” to attract your deepest desires and dreams.

For myself I’m enjoying a life of endless summer in glorious sunny Cape Town. Yesterday I played tennis, spent 30 minutes in the gym and enjoyed a late afternoon swim in the sea. I woke up today and meditated into my heart and found the BIG DREAMS I want to manifest in 2010 and then WROTE THEM DOWN.

As always, in the now – I have my action list of 5 Things TO DO to keep my day focused.

Writing this blog was not one of them!

But hey, I love my freedom. Plus don’t you just loved Alice Popkorn’s image? It inspired me to share my inspiration.

Happy Work-Play in 2010!

PS *Note that South Africa, America and Europe had the Blue Moon in December 2009
But… if you live on the “other side of the world” re GMT – such as Australia, Japan, India and China – your Blue Moon occurs in January 2010.