You can change your THINKING and your LIFE. Starting now.

Scientists refer to it now as “BRAIN PLASTICITY” and esoterically it is referred to as the LAW OF ATTRACTION.

In my book I devote a chapter to this concept: Your Brilliant Brain. I tell the story of my client who literally “tapped away” his stuck obsessive compulsive brain pattern which had started after he had the equivalent of a stroke by being given too much anaesthetic during an operation. He felt victimized by this event and others which had happened to him – he lived in fear of total healing – in case he was knocked down again.

And  in one session his brain which had felt “hardwired” for victimization was liberated by finding and releasing with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) the childhood event – bullying by his older brother-  which had set him up. He made a decision to heal his life and I believe he rewired his brain from that time on to expect something different.

Previously science said that your brain was hardwired. In other words, you are born with brain cells wired up in a particular way that is unchangeable except that the total brain cell count declines with age.

New discoveries in neuroscience have revamped that view. A common term now used is ‘plasticity’, where the brain moulds, changes, and grows depending upon what you are focusing upon.
It’s why we discipline ourselves to be grateful, give thanks and love what is. Because if you RESIST and gripe and whine and focus on the negative of a situation, you enliven those neural pathways in the brain. Instead, positive thinking encourages brand new connections  between brain cells as you begin to grow an entirely new network connecting brain cells (neurons). This is called a neural network.

Therefore your brain and body is not something that you are simply born with, whose health and functioning you can do nothing about. Instead, you are continually growing, changing,  and shaping your brain and your body. You have far more of an effect on your mental and physical health by what you THINK and pay attention to.

And with practise you can develop great control over what you give your attention to. In a sense, you can build up your ‘attention muscle’ in the same way that an athlete might develop leg or arm muscles. Regular meditation is a great way to do this, and some recent neuroscience discoveries of meditators have confirmed this. Through repetitive meditation their brains grew significantly more neural connections than control groups who didn’t meditate.

It’s why I entitled my book “You Can Breakfree Fast.” I discovered that I myself – and my clients – would have what I call a “break-free-aha” about a specific person/incident/or event that had influenced them to believe or act a certain way. The tears that often came with the realization signified, I felt, the “thawing” of the frozen belief or thought previously embedded in the mind.

When someone is “sick and tired ” of feeling stuck in some area of his or her life – and asks me for a session to “break-free” they expect and are inspired with a chance to start anew in the brain.

Within as little as three hours or less they can get it… they had been set up – or set themselves up –  to be less than they could be, or expect less than they could have from life.

I love that about my work.  Liberating someone who wants to be free.

So never give up – I promise you: YOU CAN BREAK-FREE FAST.