Fat friends make you fatter

There is a connection between EFT-Matrix Reimprinting and Deepak Chopra's insight that Fat Friends can make you Fatter.

It’s not so much about the eating and drinking making you fat – rather it’s about the FIELD you are connecting into.

Based on quantum science theory, in Matrix Reimprinting we refer to the “field” or matrix built from all our beliefs, thoughts and feelings. These may come from parents, society, church but also ancestral patterns and universal beliefs we buy into.

Deepak Chopra says that  “consciousness is a field” and associating with fat friends – who have fat friends (who you may not even know) impacts your field of consciousness.

Similarly associating with happy friends connected to happy friends (who you may not even know) will build more happiness because you are tapping into their happy field.

Our field affects how we attract  new friends, business partners, networks.

EFT-Matrix Reimprinting clears negative beliefs and traumas from the energy field so we can clear these fields and set up new fields of happiness, prosperity and slim trim health.

Does that mean you must ditch your fat friends to get thinner?

You decide – at least remove yourself from invitations likely to involve eating and drinking to excess with them.

Also remember that addicts in the 12 Step Programs have to leave their old drinking/drugging buddies behind and enter the support field of the program and make new friends.

Start by hanging out with some thinner friends who like to eat healthily and play sports. Try it and let me know how it works!