As we head further into 2021, are you feeling totally overwhelmed with waves of emotion as the challenging times of Covid-19 continue, curtailing life as we knew it especially freedom to travel and socialise?

Yes, we have hope of a solution in a CV-19 vaccine.

And yet..while many potential vaccines are in development, there is no guarantee any of these will work.

So as you follow the breaking news worldwide, perhaps you have waves of these common feelings…

Feelings of

  • FEAR for ourselves, family, country and doctors and staff at the forefront of the epidemic

  • SADNESS for what we’ve lost in myriad ways – freedom, finances, connecting IRL

  • ANGER that our country or system has failed us in healthcare and preventive measures

  • DEPRESSION about our life turned topsy turvey –

  • RESENTFUL being cooped up, self-isolated – either alone at home or with family driving us crazy


  • ACCEPTING the reality finally – with bowed heads and breaking hearts.

The best way through any difficulty or challenge is to “dare the dark” and adopt “brave thinking” as transformational coach and creator of Brave Thinking, Mary Morrissey puts it.

Why is it better to face reality rather than rail against it?

Because then we can move from “PANIC TO PEACEFUL” as we allow acceptance to calm us down.

Only then can we become SOLUTION-FOCUSED rather than PROBLEM-FOCUSED.

Our mindset, feelings and immune system are all connected – plus our vibrational field putting out thoughts that eventually become things in our reality. The LAW OF ATTRACTION in ACTION.

Because as we manage our own fearful inner panic – we stop contributing to the global pandemic of fear engulfing the world.

Finally from a peaceful, calm, inner space we can envisage and picture our Future Self scenarios of health, safety and wellbeing.

Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work underlines the importance of “breaking the habit of your old self” and creating a Future Self reality. Even if right now it’s only a possibility – you can mentally rehearse it, feel it believing possibility can become probability and finally your reality.

Overcoming challenges now can set us up for a different ending to our story as human beings having a spiritual experience.

Remembering that “This too shall pass,” we can become more attuned to the present moment of life – and the bigger picture.

In this ongoing pandemic of worry, fear, and loss, it helps to remind yourself that you are “Stronger than Circumstance” and in terms of your current challenges: “This is a dark chapter in my book (of life) not the whole book,”  Brave Thinker coach Mary Morrissey.)


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