This EFT Tapping script can be used for immediate relief when you want to be “set free” from painful, worrying or even obsessive thoughts.  It calms the overwrought brain.

Have you ever felt stuck, blocked and frustrated in a situation with no seeming way out?

I am offering you an EFT Tapping script to set you free emotionally in the short term – until you can get real-world help from a practitioner or coach. And in many cases, it may actually liberate you OFF THE HAMSTER WHEEL OF DISCOMFORT.

[Read to the end of this blog post for my personal advice on break free or being permanently “set free” with energy psychology tools like EFT Tapping – working with a trained EFT Practitioner]


Step One: Ask,” Where am I stuck?” (Write it down and rate it
between 1 and 10 for painful intensity)
Step Two: Ask, “What set this up?”

EFT TAPPING DIAGRAMThen tap slowly, firmly yet gently on
the side of your hand as shown in the diagram or in this video EFT tapping points using the EFT Setup phrases below.

Tune into all the feelings and where you are holding them in your body.

Step Three: Expect a “BREAK-FREE-AHA” as something from your
childhood or past flashes to mind as the source of your stuckness.
Keep tapping…as this will dissolve the block in your unconscious
and/or energy field.

At any time bring in Matrix Reimprinting by imagining yourself “stepping into the
memory to interact with your Younger Self or ECHO (Energy Consciousness Hologram).
Remember to bring in support and resources (Angels, Guides, a wise Mentor) to help you.
This is described in lengthy detail in my books Goal Success and You Can Break Free Fast – both available on Amazon Kindle.

Try this in the interim:

1. EFT to be Set Free:


While tapping the karate chop point on the side of your hand,
repeat these phrases out loud, saying one or all of the following

“Even though I feel stuck in my life because (fill in your
issue)…and can’t see a way out or through…I deeply and
completely love and accept myself anyway.”

“Even though I feel hopeless when I’m stuck in my life, I can
choose to consider moving forward with different options… I can
send love and healing to that part of me that feels fearful and

“Even though it feels like I’ve been stuck ‘forever’ and can’t see
the way to get free, I love and forgive myself anyway.”

2. EFT Script to be set free

***Try phrases that focus on the problem***

Eyebrow: “I hate feeling stuck.”

Side of Eye: “I can’t believe I’m stuck again.”

Under Eye: “I feel hopeless when I’m stuck.”

Nose: “I don’t know how to change.”

Chin: “Maybe I don’t want to change.”

Collarbone: “I must have conflicts about moving forward.”

Under Arm: “I can’t believe I am stuck again.”
Head: “Nothing ever moves me forward.”


Now it’s time to re-balance the negative with a positive round of

3 EFT to be set free emotionally

***Now for the positive focus on the solution***

Eyebrow: “I can choose a new way.”

Side of Eye: “What if it’s possible to break free naturally?.”

Under Eye: “I give myself permission to break free.”

Nose: “I deserve success in my life.”

Chin: “I give thanks that being stuck is in the past.”

Collarbone: “I appreciate what I learned from being stuck.”

Under Arm: “I deserve to be free and accept love/money/success.”

Head: “I forgive myself and all concerned who set-up this stuckness
– I am choosing to let it go…”

Finish this round of tapping with the upbeat affirmation:

“I am whole and free.. living my life so joyously.”

Want more help in breaking free with EFT?

There is much to be offered in an EFT tapping script to be set free…at least in the short term when you need immediate release of troubling thoughts and feelings.

But if you read my book You Can Break Free Fast EFT Tapping, you will learn from real life CASE STUDIES of clients that it can take mind-shifting AHAs in the presence of your practitioner to get deep and lasting results – to change the source of what is triggering you in the present.

When you experience a TRAUMA or intense moment of fear in childhood (or later in life) you go through a brain dip which we call an UDIN moment:


Because the nature of trauma is ISOLATION and feeling alone/without resources, you can understand why doing tapping on your own – in isolation – does not give you the benefit of feeling safe, supported and given new resources only your therapist or coach can supply.

It’s up to you – if you benefit from this blog post – and have more questions to ask me…reach out and Direct Message me on Facebook @CarylWestmoreAuthor – I’ll be happy to jump on Zoom and help you!