Apollo 13 Lift-offTry applying “oxygen-thinking” to your action list of dreams and goals and see results take off! It’s something John Assaraf recommends in his book Having it All. Once you have taken time to plan and laser focus in on your goals he says, act as if your oxygen supply was running out and you have no time to waste.

Assaraf refers to the Apollo 13 Astronauts running out of oxygen and realizing they had no time to waste. They only thought about getting back to earth, nothing else mattered, no time for discussion, whining, getting scared.” That’s exactly the way to act in business, says Assaraf: “oxygen-thinking, only.”

This reminds me of Stephen Covey’s “First Things First” directive in Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. It helps me to make a daily list of Top 5 Things To Do to keep me focused on achieving goals. At the end of a day a DONE LIST gives me a sense of accomplishment and encouragement because I have proof that I am indeed getting goals done.

This is particularly important if like me you are a solo-preneur, writer or creative. Great ideas need action and oxygen-thinking can make them happen.