What’s blocking me from setting and achieving my personal best right now?”

In my book Goal Success I say take time to go through these 5 simple steps:
Step #1 Get Inspired
Step #2: Get Clear
Step #3: Get Focused
Step #4: Get Going
Step #5: Keep Going (until you achieve your “golden goal”)

What makes my method and book unique is that it gives you the practical tools to clear your success blocks at every step of the process.

Meridian Energy Therapies

Thanks to meridian energy therapies Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping), Matrix Reimprinting and Matrix Goals Reimprinting, you can release emotional-energy blocks in body, mind, and heart (feelings) that relate to intense past traumas that can be hijacking your peace, success, and happiness right now!

The primitive lizard brain – or amagdyla – is primed to register a message of fear/beware that occurs during dramatic or fearful childhood moments of ‘fight, flight or freeze.’  The trouble is that these keep running for the rest of your life – and it doesn’t have to be that way!

I wrote the ebook “10 Goal Stoppers and how to break free” – which you can download free at my website – with the specific intention of alerting you to how this might be working in your own life right now. Recognize any of these goal-stoppers, lurking like sharks in the deep waters of your mind?
• Fear
• Poor self-image
• Negative Beliefs
• Damaging Self-Talk
• Bad Habits
• A single big constraint or block
• Losing Momentum
• Procrastination
• Perfectionism
• Overwhelm

Many of these goal stoppers were imprinted in early childhood, learned by example and from things that were said or done by caregivers like parents, siblings, teachers, church and society.

The bad news is that these imprints run subconsciously, hijacking success and happiness in the adult self.
The good news is that meridian therapy and energy psychology have advanced rapidly in recent years to offer a solution by releasing past memories of their intensity and replacing them with positive empowering memories that create a new future for goal success.

This approach incorporates advances in the fields of quantum science, epigenetics, psychology, trauma and brain research. It has proven results in sports performance, business, relationships, weight loss, and health.

It is also used by counselors, coaches and medical professionals worldwide to help clients release physical pain, fears, phobias, traumatic memories, anxiety, addictions, stress, and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

And in my Kindle book Goal Success I show further evidence in case studies from my clients how they were being held back, stuck or blocked this way – and how I helped them to break free.

Good news: Matrix Reimprinting
Once released, new positive empowering images of success are created with the inner visualization protocol Matrix Reimprinting. Feelings of future success can then be harnessed with Matrix Goals Reimprinting.