Heal past trauma by accessing your “trauma capsules” from the past with Matrix Reimprinting.

Whether you believe past trauma is stored in your brain/subconscious – or in your matrix or energy field (as hypothesised by Dr. Bruce Lipton) the fact is you FROZE in time when something unexpected, dramatic and intense happened in the past. Dr. Robert Scaer calls this a ‘trauma capsule”.

Your Younger Self or ECHO perceives at this moment a perception or belief of life and self. This is compounded by other memories in your life and a permanent CORE BELIEF.  Where did the negative memory start?

Doing EFT tapping is one removed from the actual traumatic event but Matrix Reimprinting actually lets you step back in time to heal the ECHO or younger Self going through the trauma.

Video by Karin Davidson explains healing past trauma with EFT-Matrix Reimprinting.

The traumatic event and the beliefs associated with it can mar your happiness and health year later if triggered in some way by present-day stress or a reminder of the helpless feelings from the past. Thus it remains frozen in your matrix or ENERGY FIELD causing present time fears, phobias and often, health issues.

The good news: Negative learnings can easily be sourced with Matrix Reimprinting, because we can go back in time to walk into the “trauma capsule” and be the therapist tapping on our younger Self or ECHO (Energy Consciousness Hologram). We can then reimprint new memories, beliefs and a new way forward.