Healing Addiction with EFT as part of the process of changing your wounded story – is a topic Ester Nicholson, singer and Recovery Coach, knows heart and soul.

She went from crack cocaine addict to top singer and now author and coach for healing addiction.

When we are addicted to anything we lose control of our minds, bodies and most importantly, our souls, she says.

we After all, can so easily be snared into all kinds of addiction beyond drugs or alcohol…including Facebook, Instagram, sugar, over-eating, shopping and so much more.

“Ester’s life is one of transformation and redemption. In her hauntingly honest narrative about a life transformed and heartbreak transcended, she gives us the 12 Keys to do this in our own lives.” 

So says Julie Silver, MD, an assistant professor at the Harvard Medical School and author of You Can Heal Yourself

Ester Nicholson’s story

Ester Nicholson’s book begins with her wandering the streets of LA at 4 a.m. to score crack-cocaine with her last $20,  dragging her seven-year-old daughter in tow.

Later she tells how she lost her daughter for negligence.

But through 30+ years of recovery, starting with the traditional 12-Step programs for addiction, Esther discovered 12 additional keys that she incorporates into her process as a Recovery Coach. At the core is a process of FORGIVENESS at a soul level.

Forgiving her mother after a childhood of never-ending physical and emotional abuse became her greatest challenge.

Her teaching goes beyond healing threatening addictions alone, but is perfect to address “life-diminishing” dependence like: chronic fear and worry, acute procrastination, attachment to a not-good-enough, unworthy, unlovable self image, etc.




Constant fear haunted her – even when well into her recovery and singing on stage at Madison Avenue with Rod Steward, Barbra Streisland and Bette Midler.

She says: “I still realized I carried deep unworthiness and shame.”

Much of which she credits EFT Tapping for helping her release!

Today with 3 decades of recovery behind her, Ester has transformed her life into a coach and speaking expert on healing dependence and dependence related conditions with addicts (of all persuasions).

Healing Addiction with EFT: Reconnect within

Her book SOUL RECOVERY (Hay House) – shares 12 ways to heal addiction – mainly with the message that we are already whole and just need to remember and reconnect.

Says Ester on her website www.soulrecovery.org

You see, the reason that we obsess about a drug, a relationship, a job, or anything else, is that we have lost sight of the keys to our happiness. Through our life experience, we have “re-engineered” ourselves to believe that we are unworthy and incapable of being truly happy and truly fulfilled.

And that just isn’t true!

We are entitled to feel as whole as we really are, and I’ve discovered that there is actually something we can do about that.

EFT TAPPING is obviously highly valued as part of this process, says Ester Nicholson.

Soul Recovery incorporates the vital lessons I learned in the 12-Steps of recovery, “New Thought” universal spiritual concepts, and some practices of my own design, in order to provide a means of returning to wholeness, so that we can release some of the life-patterns that no longer serve us.

It’s about our freedom!

Says Ester,

Foundation of all disease is based on the belief we are disconnected from our wholeness….Higher Power, Universal Presence…we are under the illusion that it is OUT THERE…disconnected from our own source…
In the purest essence of life – nothing is missing…impossible to be afraid…you power, brilliance, prosperity…transparent for this life..you are it... true recovery is re discovering the real YOU that you always were before you forgot.



We take a situation that is painful as an excuse to tell ourselves:

“I’m not lovable … not worthy of anything.”

Of course, the more you tell yourself that story … the more that becomes a reality in your subconscious so LOA (Law of Attraction) creates situations according to that belief.



I feel so worthy and empowered
I feel so good about myself
I feel so empowered and loved
I feel safe
I feel so amazing in this moment
I am an amazing being
I am whole, perfect and complete
I don’t need that story anymore
I release any false sense of shame
I feel absolutely amazing
I release any sense of unworthiness
I safe to step into my wholeness now
I step into my magnificence now
I am free from all addictions now
I am free
I am whole
I am complete
I am safe
I am wanted…loved…worthy…just because I am

Resentment – Be gone

Watch for “Core wounds” that are clothed as resentment...holding on to a disempowering story shows that we still carry core unhealed  wounds.

“It is like having one foot on the brake in your subconscious and one foot on the accelerator in your conscious mind,” says Ester.

The founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill Wilson said resentment plagues more alcoholics than anything else.

Resentment is recognised as the chief cause of relapse in the 12-Step programs.

The anti-dote is true FORGIVENESS

[Tweet “Resentment blocks us from the sunlight of our own spirit…”]

It stops you from praying, meditation…you feel so justified in your story of hurt.

It’s not the actual event…but our perspective that keeps us in pain.

Healing Addiction with EFT delivers the gift of healing and self love…

1.Firstly, we tell the story as we tap – saying the anger etc and releasing the energy behind that…and even earlier traumas behind that.

2 This liberates you to get clear where the hurt came from…finally leading to true forgiveness.