Excited to see that medical intuitive and bestselling author Caroline Myss’ latest book on the spiritual side of healing is now out. Sometimes her work is a bit dense for me – like Sacred Contracts – but the essence of what she teaches is brilliant and authentic – you can’t argue with someone who literally SEES how and where you are blocked physically and emotionally and pulls no punches telling it like it is!

She did it to me in South Africa some years ago during a workshop. I had a front row seat as a journalist for Longevity magazine and she was discussing POWER and power struggles. From the stage she asked us to put up our hands if were in a power struggle – 10 – 90% of the time… as the percentages went higher I kept my hand up until I was one of a handful admitting to being in a power struggle 95% of the time.

At the time I was entangled in the final stages of my co-dependent 25 year marriage and we were locked in constant battles.

Carolyn took one look, scanning me and my energy body with her laser eyes and said: “You’re desperately afraid of abandonment and being alone,” – or words to that effect. I instinctively covered my solar plexus with my arms – shocked to the core that my “Warrior” Power Struggle was really a case of Frightened Inner Child fearing abandonment. And she barked again: “Don’t try and cover up the truth.”

For the rest of the day I went into shock – because I realized she was right – deep down I so feared abandonment that I stayed stuck in a co-dependent relationship past it’s sell-by date.

As I relate in my book You Can Break-Free Fast, it took a fire to shock me out of my unhealthy stuckness. Eventually I had the courage to face divorce and a new life alone, homeless and penniless. But truthfully it was the best thing that ever happened in terms of my spiritual, emotional and psychological growth.

So I can’t wait to read what Myss has to say about the mystical side of healing.

Defy Gravity by Caroline Myss

Defy Gravity by Caroline Myss

Her book Defying Gravity is inspired by ordinary people who overcame a wide array of physical and psychological ailments—from rheumatoid arthritis to cancer.Caroline dove into the works of the great mystics to gain a deeper understanding of healing’s spiritual underpinnings. Based on these studies, she demonstrates how conventional and holistic medicine often fall short in times of need. Both systems rely upon a logical approach to curing illness when there is nothing reasonable about the emotional, psychological, or spiritual influences behind any ailment.

Bottom line according to Myss: You can heal any illness. You can channel grace. And you can learn to live fearlessly. It’s all about defying gravity and breaking through the boundaries of ordinary thought.