Want to look and feel healthier, younger and more energetic as you head for midlife and beyond?

Suffering from chronic issues that “nothing helps”?

  • Addictions
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Feeling unloved, disconnected, suicidal
  • Feeling unsafe in the world
  • Feeling “stuck”

Then pay attention to your “birth story” and early life experiences – including things happening around your parents while you were in utero, how you born and your early childhood up until the age of six.

According to researchers and EFT-Matrix Reimprinting specialist on Matrix Birth Reimprinting Sharon King, our time in the womb, our birth experience and the first six years of life can hugely influence:

  • health, including the functioning of our immune, nervous and digestive systems, for our entire lives
  • how we feel and relate to people and the world
  • self-worth and beliefs that keep us stuck or blocked.

We soak up our mother’s fears and responses to the world while in utero and during birth.

Plus: during our first six years we are like sponges soaking up unconscious programming from parents, family, school and society.

According to cellular biologist Bruce Lipton this is why 95-99% of our adult life is run by unconscious beliefs and memories

The good news is Matrix Reimprinting and its various protocols enables us to delete and rewrite this early programming with healing, empowering results.

Traumas accumulate over a lifetime, setting up defense patterns that ultimately can break down our immune system.

Matrix Reimprinting using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a proven way to find these traumas – many going back to our early childhood, including time in the womb – and release and repair them.

Says cellular biologist Dr Bruce Lipton: when in “fight, flight or flee” mode, facing a real or imaginary stress or trauma, the body shuts down all but the minimum of what we require to function and survive.  We cannot DEFEND and REPAIR our cells at the same time.

So if we accumulate a lifetime of traumas and fearful memories, the body reaches a point where it simply begins to break-down, develop serious illness and disease and grow older faster.

If trauma, stress, high anxiety or depression occur in our mothers when we are conceived, in the womb, during and after birth, then already as a foetus our bodies are primed for defensive mode.


One recent example was a client who felt disconnected from her father her whole life and stood by in pain as he favored her brother every step of the way.  She presumed he was just a male chauvinist and that this was her lot in life as a woman in her family.

But during her Matrix Reimprinting session when she was working with her 15-year-old ECHO (Younger Self) a very different explanation and opportunity to change her perception offered itself. She accessed a memory when as a teenager she was traumatised by her mother revealing – during a fight with her father -that he was believed she might not be his biological daughter.

This opened an AHA  window into the past and into the matrix or field surrounding her pre-birth, time in utero – plus her birth, early years and childhood.

The amazing thing about Matrix Reimprinting is that you can work on the ECHO in the womb as well as on the parents if that is what the ECHO wants.

In Advanced Matrix work you can even go into the Light Matrix and allow the client to understand the situation from a SOUL LEVEL.


The end result when you do this work is to send a message to your body, immune system, heart – all the cells of your body – that the threat or trauma which it has been holding is OVER. And you will live a healthier happier life as you find your relationships blossoming and your immune system thriving.