Caryl Westmore shows how her podcast can help authors with IFS



Ever felt that you were torn in two directions? That a “part of you” wants to stick to your goal to get up at 5am and write your book or go for a run, while another part wants to sleep in? Instead of beating yourself up for choosing to snooze…think of it as an inner conflict and try next time dialoguing with the two parts before you go to bed.

Internal Family Systems, the topic of this week’s podcast on Write the Book Inside You, will make you feel so much better and hopeful about attaining your dreams and goals.

Internal Family Systems is a powerful psychological tool for Writers and Authors. Caryl Westmore introduces it here as the topic from Chapter Eleven of her transformative book “Bust Writer’s Block Forever.”
She then passes the mic to the AI narrator, Dorothy, who will read the chapter from the book.

Created by Dr. Richard Schwartz, IFS offers a unique lens to view the mind as a collection of sub-minds or “parts.”

These parts are considered real personas within our internal system.
We need to honor, understand, and love every internal part for overall health and happiness.
As writers and creatives, we can get stuck because one part of us does not want to risk negative criticism and creates writer’s block to protect us.

However, our over-lighting SELF energy will modulate all the parts so we can create with inspired harmony.

As writers, we’re no strangers to the intricate dance of our inner parts. The critic, the muse, the editor—each plays a role in the stories we tell. By applying the principles of IFS, we can approach these parts with curiosity and compassion, leading to richer characters, deeper narratives, and a more fulfilling writing practice.

I invite you to explore the world of IFS, to delve into the teachings of Dr. Schwartz, and to discover for yourself how this approach can revolutionize your writing. Whether you’re penning your first draft or polishing your latest manuscript, IFS offers a path to greater self-awareness and creative freedom.