How to cure the gaping void of “wanting more love”? with EFT Tapping, Matrix Reimprinting

Can meridian therapy EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) help cure the feeling of “wanting more love” than a partner seems able to give?

Two different clients contacted me for help to heal similar complaints: “wanting more love” in their relationships.

Client A, who I will call Patricia, said: “I feel unloved…misunderstood…rejected.” 

She said her partner treated her with indifference when it came to her wants and desires.

He never seems to notice my efforts which are exhausting me. I’m tired, frustrated and angry,” she said, tears flooding her cheeks.

Like all people who have an entrenched belief running inside, Patricia backed this up with “proof” of his neglect.

She had a long list of incidents that proved her point:

  • canceled dates;
  • forgotten birthdays and anniversaries;
  • memories of him leaving her feeling shut out and unheard.

Client B, who I will call Mary, had a  similar complaint – yet in very different circumstances. She was a woman in her 40s who was dating again after her marriage of 15 years fell apart:

“I’ve started dating a man who never seems to have enough time for me,” she said.

To make matters worse, I can’t seem to help myself from running after HIM and bending over backward to please him when all he does is treat me like dirt,” she sobbed.

Begin by reducing the intense feelings

The first thing to do in cases like this is to reduce the intense feelings of anxiety and pain with EFT tapping. The rhythmic tapping on meridian points on hands and body soon helped reduce the overwhelming feelings of fear, worry, and anxiety.

Later we would be using EFT-Matrix Reimprinting with the “inner child” or ECHO to resolve the old memory triggering this pattern in their current adult life (in some cases it may be from a past life – or a feeling they learned in the womb or during their early pre-verbal life).

Once we do the extensive clearing work, there comes the opportunity to transform the old pattern by reimprinting a new empowering memory in the body-mind-heart and matrix or energy field.

Inevitably this heals the bottomless pit of heartache which originated from a time when clients like Patricia and Mary felt alone and unloved by their parents and primary caregivers.

Where in your BODY do you feel this “wanting more love?

longing for loveThe initial questions to ask, once the emotional intensity has dropped to a level of five or less is: Where in your body do you feel/hold all this “lovelessness…

We then ‘TAP AND TALK”  around the meridian points repeating phrases like:

no one loves me, I want more love, not enough loving, they just don’t care…and so on

Two key questions can help find the real source of the pain:

Two key questions can help find the real source of the pain of “wanting more love” along with EFT

“When have you felt like this before?”

“Who or what does this feeling remind you of?”

Her Parents were always fighting

In Mary’s case, up came memories of her father and mother – her primary caregivers – “always fighting outside my room” while she cried all alone in her bed at night. She was about six years old.

This memory opened a way for Mary “step into the matrix” and introduce herself to her younger self or ECHO (Energy Consciousness Hologram) in the situation she could remember so vividly.

Immediately, this interrupted the “freeze response” which had been set up in her body and energy field at the time. No longer was her ECHO alone and isolated (a key factor in traumas big and small).

Now she had Mary, her Future Self, come to soothe her and ask how she could help her resolve feelings of being helpless, stuck and ignored by her parents. Throughout the session we let Mary’s ECHO (younger self) lead proceedings – and it seemed she needed a lot of time to tap and talk through all the anger, pain and sadness she was holding inside as she felt her parents ignored her completely.

I asked Adult Mary to ask her ECHO if there was anyone, real or imaginary that she could think of who might make her feel more supported in her situation.

She FROZE her parents in ice

Little Mary said she was so angry with her parents for ignoring her and leaving her out in the cold that she wanted a magical fairy to freeze them in a block of ice so she couldn’t hear them fighting anymore.

I asked…what would she like to say to them?

“That they’re horrible parents who don’t deserve such a lovely little girl and they must be punished,” she replied. She said she was so angry with them that she just wanted to banish them to the North Pole.  She invited in a favorite uncle to assist her in shipping them off to the North Pole.

Adult Mary continued to support, comfort and soothe her, along with her uncle. Eventually, as we continued the session, little Mary came to a point where she could express her anger, pain and sadness to her parents.

[And because they were FROZEN, they HAD to listen.]

Once she felt heard and had “emptied out” her long-buried feelings, she allowed them to unfreeze in the same way she herself had thawed the helplessness within herself.

Now came a chance for her to hear them say “I’m sorry” and to give her little girl the kind of warm and responsive loving attention she had craved all those years ago.

Until this moment, she had lived with this gaping hollow inside her of never enough love and desperately “wanting more love”. They asked her forgiveness and gave her the kind of attention and loving she had always craved.

Changing her Beliefs to cure the deep longing of “wanting more love”.

Also important in the session was to change the inner belief pattern which up to now had been running Mary’s life – namely that there was never any/enough love for her.

Magical Results

Mary’s session is a good example of the almost magical results we get using EFT-Matrix Reimprinting to shift lifelong patterns such as “wanting more love”.

Some people ask: “Can doing this imaginary work really change things?”

The answer is HELL YES… in helping countless clients to BREAK FREE with coaching using these tools they experience shifts in happiness and wellbeing (as well as miraculous changes in their relationships). Changes that are IMMEDIATE- and lasting.

We are not only changing neural pathways in our brain but shifting frozen energy in the heart and cells of the body PLUS changing the vibration in our FIELD or MATRIX.

So if you – or someone you know – has experienced a chronic feeling of not getting enough love in your life as a lifelong pattern – hopefully, you found this EFT Tapping helpful. Please leave a comment if you did!

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