If at any stage or age you start to say or believe it’s too late to be who you always dreamed of being – this article and video at the end by Tom Butler-Bowdon, will reboot you mind that it’s never too late be great, achieve amazing, exciting, “impossible” dreams and goals and live the life you love.


Because if you stop comparing yourself with “overnight successes” who hit it big early in life (and yes, I am not denying there are some), but instead focus on and explore the track record of most famous, creative, inventive or worthwhile achievers – you will soon realize this truth:

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Sometimes life pushes you to the edge and you have no alternative but to let go and fly, despite your fears of being past your prime, too old, too late…

This happened to me at 50 when I found myself broke, homeless and unemployed while also grieving the loss of my dog and home in a fire and the end of my 25 year marriage.

I couldn’t visualize or affirm the future.  So I got down on my knees and prayed:

Divine Spirit, show me the way… SHOW ME MY DIVINE RIGHT PURPOSE…and how to fulfill it with passion, power and prosperity.

And I was shown/guided to start a whole new life as a promoter, coach and transformational healer with Brandon Bays, creator of The Journey.

I found my purpose and “greatness” being an intuitive mentor, coach and trainer (to thousands of people worldwide in the past 15 years) in healing modalities like The Journey and energy psychology tools like EFT Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting.

All in my mid-50s.


So often women come to me despondent and even depressed in their late 20s or 30s unsure if they are off course with fulfilling work or believing that unlike their married friends, love has passed them by.

I almost explode with words like this:

“It’s never too late for love – the right one is there for you – just do the inner work and Law of Attraction tools I suggest in my AmaCARYL WESTMORE BOOKSzon books like You Can Break Free Fast, Goal Success EFT Tapping, Online Dating Success Secrets because they contain all the secrets and foundation for clearing the obstacles to the freedom, happiness and choice of the LIFE YOU LOVE.


After all I met my true soul mate and love Nick at 57 – and continue to enjoy an “ageless” romance with him at every level.”


 IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO BE GREAT: THINK LONG says Tom Butler-Bowdon in this video.

Truly inspiration for the impatient or disheartened to stay the course, and gives reassurance to us all that we have more time than we think to achieve our goals.

He points out the fact of longevity and actual things great artists and thinkers have achieved “later in life”.

So go for YOUR dreams – it’s never too late.