Do you wonder “How to keep our forever love alive and hot so the spark never dies?”

Because if you don’t – you could end up a painful, heartbroken divorce statistic.

In the US it’s estimated that 50% of couples end up divorcing  – and the UK is not far behind.

Why do we struggle to answer this question?

Because when we marry we are in the “honeymoon phase” of love attraction…we do not usually feel compelled to get educated about how to keep love alive.

We believe it is FOREVER and only as the years wear on, do we begin to question if we still love the man (or woman) we married.

So if you have hit this sticky patch after a few years – or more – in your marriage, this video interview will inspire you with hope to re-ignite the flame of your hot and forever love attraction. The honeymoon phase that this couple have kept alive for 25+ years!

Jon Butcher and Missy his wife have been together 25 years together.

Jon revealed key action steps that have kept them hot and attracted to each other. He shared his insights with Vishen Lakhiani of MindValley.

Top of the list is taking actions, daily, weekly, annually to keep connected and maintain a sexy intimate relationship that’s hot and intimate – or as they term it “Category 13.”

Keep Love Hot by:

  • Showing your love in deeds every day.  That’s as relevant to couples in their 20/30s as to midlife and beyond. When you fall in love – you think the passion, intimacy and magnetic power of love will keep on forever.
  • Being proactive – taking action – with consistent habits – plus surprises that keep the spark alive and the flame of attraction burning.

If you don’t – your love relationship can descend into mediocrity.

What I would tell my Younger Self about Love and Marriage

If I could go back and tell my younger self one single piece of advice – before she got married the first time – it would be what Jon Butcher says in this video that keeps marriage red hot alive – after decades.

Fortunately, I had learned my lessons the second time around…

How to Keep Love hot and alive

After 11 years of marriage with Nick (we’re together every day, no kids, no 9 to 5 stress) this video contains some valuable ways we continue to keep our love alive.
We continue to be BABYBOOMER HONEYMOONERS by taking many of these action steps.

Other key Love Tips from the Butchers:


  • KEEP TABS PHOTOGRAPHICALLY ON YOUR LOVE STORY. As time passes you will be glad you did  – “Our home is a pictorial shrine to our love story. Part of the mojo and magic.”
  • Plan a weekly overnight date night – sex night – where you focus all your attention on each other.
  • Plan an annual week together at a retreat or spa to get crystal clear on what you both want for the coming year in your future life goals…health, wealth, happiness. Consciously creating it side by side.
  • Do habitual DAILY connection rituals. Jon and Missy do a daily 60 minute “ring walk” around their garden, walking and reconnecting.

Good Foundation for a Forever Love Relationship

But building all these rituals and approaches requires a good foundation – and that I suggest comes from inner work.  If you want to begin and continue in a loving relationship – my best advice is don’t leave it to chance.

  • Be aware of the childhood programming that can be unconsciously tripping up your communication and ability to express love
  • Clear the Inner Child blocks causing a HEART WALL which no amount of ritual or habits will clear – in my experience if you hold unhealed trauma from the past – going back to the first six years of life – you will have a far better chance of creating “forever love that is alive and honeymoon hot.

My love coaching with EFT-Matrix Reimprinting quickly sources your blind spots and helps set a strong vision and future intention to how you want love to be – starting with loving yourself and accessing the self-esteem that goes with making a joint romance thrive.

Only then will you be confident and calm as you suggest to your husband or partner

  •  Let’s implement an overnight date night…:
  • Let’s do the following daily ritual of connecting…
  • Let’s be honeymooner lovers again…

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