Pain and the Law of Attraction

Pain can bring a message for transformation

This Law of Attraction Myth is the false belief that…YOU ARE ALWAYS IN CONTROL AND MUST AVOID PAIN AND NEGATIVITY AT ANY COST.

Believing this myth can trap you in the cage of VICTIM. It can cause despair and despondency, blame (of others and self) and shame.

“We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.” – Kenji Miyazawa

Every time I hit a rough patch in my life for the longest time I blamed “someone out there” or lashed myself for failing to “get it right.”

My heart broke in pieces when I lost my dog in the house fire that caused my life to change dramatically in 1999.

My ego took some serious knocks when I had to finally admit to my family a few years later that I was flat broke and in debt. But looking back I can see how those devastating events refined my heart and humbled my personality to clear the way for inner transformation and my ultimate happiness to live the life I love today.

2011-08-14 13.06.40Law of Attraction TIP No. 2

Know when to “Let Go and Let God” and trust the “bigger picture” when it comes to the challenges, pain and negativity in your life. Ditch the victim/blame mentality as fast as you can. Learn to “love what is” and surrender to a Higher Power or Divine Mind greater that the Little You.

Ask: “What’s come up for healing?” Let it throw light on WHAT YOU DON’T WANT. Then get still and tune in to where the Divine wants to take you. It means you are connected to your authentic self. Wait and you will get an inspired nudge or idea on WHAT YOU DO WANT. From there your action will be inspired rather than controlling. And things will come to you in a flow of ease, peace and love.

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