I am writing a 6-part series entitled: 6 Law of Attraction Myths and How to Avoid them.

This is the third Myth I had to explode on my own path of break-free enlightenment to living the life I love!

“Reach for the big dream – the sky’s the limit” is a Law of Attraction trap that can set you up for a cropper.

It’s true that what the mind can conceive you can achieve – but not without some preliminary mental and physical training! The big myth is that other people are creating luxury cars and millionaire businesses or book deals “overnight.”

Look carefully and you will see they began modestly with baby steps – and that includes people like the Chicken Soup for the Soul authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. I love the story that as they searched for a winning title for the book they had been inspired to co-author, Jack & Mark each agreed to meditate on the subject for one hour a day. Jack visualized the image of his grandmother’s chicken soup and remembered how she told him it would cure anything. The book would have the same healing powers as that soup, but not for the body—for the soul. Thus, the now famous title was born.

Hold a vision of your BIG DREAM OR GOAL but chunk it down into manageable smaller goals. Take baby steps or tiny “creative hops” as Julia Cameron puts it. Keep committed each step of the way and gradually you will build momentum to effortlessly take the big leap.

How Two Ordinary Guys (one a chef) Ran the Great Wall of China
When extreme athletes David Grier and Braam Malherbe of Cape Town were inspired with the idea which became the first Cipla Miles for Smiles Foundation challenge: to run the length of the Great Wall of China in one attempt – a feat that would be a world first – it took a full year and many set-backs to get the funding plus months of grueling training to build up their physical and mental endurance.

Even Tim Noakes, their Sports Science Institute trainer told them he doubted they would succeed running what was the equivalent of 4 marathons back to back. But having put in committed months of training, they did indeed achieve their inspired vision while raising  thousands for 55 kids to have their faces (and smiles) reconstructed. In terms of the Law of Attraction, they stuck to their inspired vision – all the while persevering with small action goals to train their body, minds and beliefs to win big in the end.

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