NELSON MANDELA, Nobel Peace prize winner and world symbol of hope and forgiveness in the face of crushing odds, turns 92 on July 18, 2010.

Willing to fight, and if necessary die, for democratic freedom for black and white people alike, Mandela later wrote after his release from 27 years of imprisonment: “It was during those long and lonely years that I knew as well as I knew anything that the oppressor must be liberated just as surely as the oppressed…for both alike are robbed of their humanity.”

Nelson Mandela may have been confined by his captors to a tiny cell on Robben Island, near Capetown. But in his mind and heart he was free. And lived to claim his freedom. He became the first President of a free, non-racial South Africa, 1994-1998.
Or do you live in the self-imposed prison of your mind and heart? My website and blog offer you some of the most powerful and effective tools I know to help you break free fast from destructive thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Negativity tends to create a downward spiral…”the worse you get, the worse life gets.”

Positivity magnetizes more of itself in a magical way.

Many spiritual masters talk about finding the “middle way” often described as unity consciousness, Nivarna, or “enlightenment.”

Leslie Temple-Thurston is a South African-born teacher-healer-author who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Growing up in South Africa during the oppressive days of Apartheid motivated her spiritual quest to heal the extreme polarizations in human consciousness that divide people and drive them to the most inhumane policies and conduct.

Her work releases us from our small Ego to access the LUMINOUS CORE or DIVINE SELF within.
# Step 1. Pick a “bad” or troubling experience. Either recent or way back from childhood.

# Step 2. Write it out – feelings, thoughts, state of mind, like a child spilling out the story to a friend or parent.
Be descriptive and include all you felt about the person/people involved.

# Step 3. Pick out the most charged THEME words and phrases with a coloured marker
or highlighter. For example, words like ANGER, SHOCK, GUILT, HELPLESS,CONFUSED, PAIN, INSENSITIVE JERK

# Step 4. Make a list of THEME WORDS & PHRASES.

# STEP 5. Find the OPPOSITES.

So having listed the Theme words on the left hand side of a page – draw a line.Then list the OPPOSITE of each word on the right hand side of the page.

You are delving into your unconscious and will often get an AHA as the hidden side of the dark/light; good/bad polarity awakens within you.

Ask higher consciousness to take these polarized states of mind, and bring them into balance… so that clarity and a new level of seeing come to you.

NB offer up both Positive and Negative sides of the Polarity.Then GIVE THANKS, knowing all will be well.

Wait a few minutes. Wash dishes or make a cup of tea. You may feel an inner shift or later have vivid dreams. Next day you may even experience a meaningful insight.

Leslie Temple-Thurston offers other polarity-balancing exercises called TRIANGLES and SQUARES in her book THE MARRIAGE OF SPIRIT .

Collapsing the story the Ego seeks to polarize you with, helps you to detach from extreme points of view. Notice the shifts that occur in your life as a result of the Polarity Work.

Expect to become centred, balanced, relaxed and joyful. Leslie calls it SKYWALKING…
Vist Leslie’s site at

“There is an old saying that the brave die once,but the coward dies a thousand times.”