Lindsey Kane Leaverton turned heartache, pain, shame and guilt due to growing up gay in a strictly Christian evangelical community, into gifts to share with the world. And it’s all in her book, “Not another Self Help Book, Finding Gifts in the Midst of Life’s Sh*t.”
  • Personal stories make her book relatable and powerful in an era dominated by AI-generated content.
  • Audience: Women in their 30s to 50s, particularly overwhelmed moms juggling multiple responsibilities.
  • Discusses chronic pain and the journey to understanding its roots in unresolved trauma. Pain caused by repressing her authentic self as a gay woman.
  • Transformation through healing: moving from an adversarial relationship with pain to one of curiosity and growth.
  • The struggle with personal identity as gay in a conservative Christian evangelical community and the pivotal moment of coming out.
  • The shock and trauma of being rejected by everyone (except her parents). Even her songs and records were returned by the box load to languish in her garage.
  • The book writing process: A meditative calling during the pandemic, evolving from a chronic pain focus to broader life lessons.

About the Book:

“Not Another Self-Help Book” stands out with interactive elements like coloring pages and QR codes linking to songs that correspond with each chapter.

Where to Connect and Find the Book:


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