Ever felt like your life’s storyline could use an epic rewrite? Curious about Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping)?

Enter Lorna Hollinger head of the Australian Tapping Institute – a woman who turned her sequence of plot twists into a playbook for success. And written a book to prove it!

She authored an Amazon bestseller: Thank God He’s Gone, to empower women to embrace their innate confidence and strength from  within.

Lorna’s journey from heartache to heroism is a blockbuster. After two divorces and suicidal self-doubt, she didn’t just start a new chapter; she became the author of her own success story.

From ‘The End’ to ‘Chapter One’:

Lorna lays it all out – how she went from the depths of despair to the heights of entrepreneurship as the founder and CEO of the globally acclaimed Australian Tapping Institute which trains in Coaching plus Emotional Freedom Techniques.

The Unpublished Pages:

Beyond her accolades, Lorna reveals her secret hobby: penning sizzling romance novels. While those pages are still private, her prowess is anything but.

A Heart-Centered Legacy:

Awards? Check. International acclaim? Check. Her super-power? Freedom! But Lorna’s real mission is to empower people like you and me to unlock our full potential – tapping our way to transformation.

Why Should You Listen?

Because Lorna’s story isn’t just about recovery; it’s about soaring to new possibilities – ones filled with purpose, passion, and yes, in the future …a dash of unexpected romance.

Join us on this extraordinary journey with Lorna Hollinger. Let her story fuel your personal revolution.

Key Points:

Empowerment Through Experience:

  • Hear how Lorna transformed the turmoil of two divorces into a catalyst for reclaiming her strength and shaping her future (from suicidal “victim” to empowered businesswoman).
  • She reveals how taking accountability and ceasing to blame the men in her past was a major turning point.

Celebrated Author and Innovator:

  • The story behind her bestselling book, “Thank God He’s Gone,” which became a source of empowerment for women worldwide.
  • Insight into Lorna’s pioneering therapy approach, which merges coaching with the potent practice of EFT Tapping.


Revelation of Creativity:

Lorna shares for the first time her secret hobby of  writing erotic romance novels, showcasing a different facet of her creativity.

Despite the unpublished status of her novels, she is committed to her next literary project on EFT Tapping.


Lorna Hollinger from down under CEO of the Australian Tapping Institute

Lorna’s journey is a stark reminder that our lowest points can become the launchpads for our greatest achievements. Her relentless pursuit of personal development and the empowerment of others through EFT is a narrative that echoes across the corridors of LinkedIn, inspiring professionals and entrepreneurs alike.

As someone who has navigated the turbulent waters of career and personal life, I find Lorna’s story to be particularly resonant. It’s a narrative that underscores the importance of self-belief, the power of healing practices like EFT, and the undeniable impact of sharing one’s story to uplift others.

In listening to Lorna’s journey, we are reminded of the indomitable spirit that resides within each of us. It’s a spirit that refuses to be quenched by adversity, that uses pain as the chisel to sculpt a life of purpose and joy.

So, I invite you to listen to her story, to be inspired by her tenacity, and to perhaps see a reflection of your own potential for transformation. And if you’re on the brink of your own personal or professional breakthrough, remember Lorna’s story and know that you, too, can rewrite the stars.

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