Imagine the thrill of writing your book this coming year because you made it your Golden Goal and top priority.


Picture the joy of holding your newly published book (currently incubating inside you as an idea) like your newborn baby nine months or less from today?

And what if  you target it as your “Golden Goal” for the coming year?

Two people in the Matrix Goals course came up with a topic close to my own heart – writing blogs and books.  One person has had his book manuscript sitting on a shelf for months/years…now he felt inspired to learn more about what I know about self-publishing and options like Kindle and ebooks.

My second delegate, who I will call Maryann, realised that something was holding her back, blocking her from writing – yet she is passionate about writing and photography.  Starting with questions as we tapped…like “how does that make you feel?  And where in your body are you holding it? And what colour might it be?” we soon we tracked the memory to an ECHO aged 12 years.

We did Matrix Reimprinting using EFT tapping to release this ECHO from a humiliating traumatic memory when she wrote a creative essay which was belittled by her English teacher in front of the class, causing her to shut down big time.

Once we released the traumatic charge around that memory “in the Matrix” and then reimprinted a positive empowering memory…we could then ask that ECHO to take us to other ECHOS prior to that time.

PAST LIFE ECHOES showed up next…several Past Lives in fact – which when cleared.


This allowed us to go into the Future in the Matrix to ask her Future Self how she got to be the successful, wise and accomplished writer SHE had become… She was shown how to cut cords coming from her close family that were also holding her back.

Magically she came out of her session released, relieved and inspired to write several books her Future Self has assured her she had in her now.

Update – this case study of mine features in the book Transform Your Beliefs, Transform your Life  with EFT using Matrix Reimprinting by Karl Dawson and Kate Marillat (Hay House).

Ready to commit to writing your book?

So how do you feel about finally getting your book writing project completed?  Ready to go ahead writing your book and make it your golden goal for the coming year? 

picture: Lacie Slezak