Michael Jackson the humanitarian is highlighted here by his brother Jermaine on Larry King Live – as I continue to reflect and write about the healing lessons we can learn from Michael Jackson.

What stopped Michael healing rather than narcotizing with pain-killers his tender feelings? Healing feelings is a key to breaking free to be a way-shower for others of how to heal the world. “Physician heal thyself” is an saying that applies here. Sometimes we forget that to become an expert at creating our highest and most humanitarian visions for the world with the Law of Attraction or high intentions – we need to break free.

  • Break free from unconscious programs propelling us in unhealthy directions
  • Break free from denial about our own needs in favor of helping others
  • Break free from hurting ourselves in any way – for the good of others
  • Break free for the sake of healing our own life – all the better to be a force of good in the world

We highly sensitive “do-gooders” – and I include myself as a recovering co-dependent – need to love and care for ourselves first and then it cannot help but spill over into the world – but in a healthy way.

While I reflect on Michael Jackson’s compassion and love for the world, I can’t help but also ponder on his denial of self-care – why did he not ALSO or FIRSTLY love himself? Or perhaps he did not know the healthy way how to do that. Princess Diana was learning that lesson when she died – she had a heart as big as the world – but she overcame her bulimia and self-destructive tendencies – and was on an ongoing path to self-growth and self-worth.

In my book and work helping people “break free” emotionally, the key is to know that by clearing the tangles inside (childhood traumas and pain) you open up the channel to your Soul or Source and then the flow that comes through really helps you effortlessly attract and create the healthy wholesome life that feels fulfilling for YOU. And surely now – and when we die – we know in our own unique way we made “the world a better place or you and me and the whole human race.”