Say the “Money Keeps Coming to Me” Mantra (recorded below) and expect abundance manifesting in your life…as if money does grow on trees!

Law of Attraction results may seem magical in shifting your financial flow and well being.

But first ensure you take the time to clear the negative stuck energy blocks in your root chakra and energy matrix.

Unconscious blocks sabotaging your success and keeping you earning and receiving far less than you deserve.

I suggest using energy psychology tools like EFT Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting as follows to:

  • Clear your money blocks from early childhood programming
  • Clear your wealth and financial  blocks inherited from your family of origin and culture
  • Clear self-belief and self-worth issues

Only then…apply the LAW OF ATTRACTION in many positive ways to make you a magnet for abundance in dollars, euros…pounds

Listen to the audio below: “MONEY KEEPS COMING TO ME”

NOW decide for yourself if you are going to make saying this “Money Mantra” a daily ritual.

My Personal Morning Ritual (includes Money Mantra)

  • Light my candle and dedicate my day to being of highest and best service with my life
  • Call in my Angels and Guides to work through me, inspire me, keep me in joyous well being and inspired creativity
  • Journal and meditate
  • Say my Money Mantra for a flow, flood, ongoing avalanche of Financial Abundance.

I want to thank Randi Pierce for suggesting this Money Keeps Coming to Me Mantra on a webinar she gave.

So try it out yourself…daily in the morning and as you are falling asleep keep saying “Money Keeps Coming to Me…” see, feel and touch it in your vivid imagination.

If you get prosperous results from applying it – please let me know here in the comments or on my Facebook Page

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