Only 8 days remain in the Next Top Spiritual Author competition: Round One

What have I learned so far by entering my book You Can Break-Free Fast?

*That asking OUT LOUD for support from those you know is challenging
How do you process the ones that ignore you? How hard do you canvass and follow up on your emails?
* That it feels good to step up and out front with your BIG DREAMS
* That you need to “let go and let God” about outcome
* I have long had a dream of being published by Hay House – so does that mean I am not so committed to this competition with a lesser known publisher? No way. Who knows where the right Agent and Publisher are waiting to spot my entry – or find me in some other way?
Martha Beck talks about the woman who felt lonely for a soul-mate friend and left her book on a plane where it a stranger picked it up, phoned her and you’ve guessed it – became that very friend.
Another self-published author gave her book as a present and it was left on a park bench where… guess what? – the man who became her agent found it?

In a previous post and emails I compared myself to Susan Boyle. At least one person who knows me said it was “sad” that I thought so little of myself. Hey – what do you think? I see it differently. But it made me pause and reflect – what do I really think about myself?

Answer: I’m a first time baby boomer self help author coming “from unknown” to recognition. And expression of my talents.

Where is my self-worth pegged?

So let me ask you again, if you haven’t already voted for my book – please help me by voting for me – and claiming your free Skype session to break-free fast.