Your Writing Inner Critic – Spot and Heal this Saboteur Fast –  Writers, Authors, and Creatives take note  (with Caryl Westmore Solo).

I will show you how to identify, defeat and unlock the inner barriers to creativity” Stephen Pressfield.

Caryl expands on this and other gems from Stephen Pressfield and Julia Cameron so like Hercules you can defeat the many-headed Hydra called the Inner Critic.

You will learn:

  • How to Spot the Inner Critic when you are numbing out, procrastinating, or avoiding your writing
  • The role of the Inner Critic to keep you safe in your comfort zone
  • Why your Inner Critic sabotages your writing life
  • How to spot and heal your Inner Critic (Hint: Is it trying to protect you? Or destroy you?)

This episode includes advice and quotes from…

Stephen Pressfield  – tips on Resistance as a symptom of your Inner Critic
Julia Cameron – advice to heal your Inner Critic with self-love and