Tune into Robin Williams now to find he is funnier, happier than ever, says Abraham-Hicks on his passing.

We’ve haven’t “lost” Robin Williams, he’s here with us funnier than ever and available if we just tune into his happy vibration in non-physical.

That’s one of the main take-outs I got at the Abraham-Hicks Vortex of Attraction seminar in London at the O2 Arena on September 20th.

Caryl Westmore at Abraham-Hicks Seminar London

Caryl Westmore at Abraham-Hicks seminar London

I had a front row seat – and I soaked up every word – reminded after following Abraham-Hicks teachings for 14 years that the concepts never change – but the delivery is so fun to witness in person.


Similarly Abraham – speaking through Esther Hicks – reminded us that the minute we tune out of the feeling we’ve “lost” anything – we will often miraculously find it – like Esther found her gold pen she had hunted desperately everywhere for…until she “let it go” and released the focus of loss – and suddenly she found it in the very purse/handbag she had previously looked in at least seven times.

She’s had to learn how to do it – to tune into the right frequency – since the passing of her beloved husband Jerry Hicks.

Similarly we can do it with Robin Williams.

In fact says Abraham, Williams is readily available to channel his wit and humor – that “some of my funny is going to come out of you…”

#Robin Williams

Robin Williams is “funnier than ever” says Abraham-Hicks – and he wants us to know that. Pic courtsey by Eva Rinaldi

You are Eternal beings. You are so hung up on death, and there isn’t even any of it… No one ever goes anywhere… You’re just tuned to a frequency where you can’t hear them… Everyone who was interested here like Robin Williams, like Jerry… Everyone who was interested in what’s going on… is still interested in what’s going on, only now they have Broader Perspective. You think your ideas are your own; they are not. It’s Collective Consciousness. You are the translator, you are the receiver… of that Broader Consciousness. So there is never a reason ever to mourn the loss of anyone because no one is ever lost… You have Infinite Intelligence flowing to you and through on all subjects all the time. And that’s what Robin Williams would like you to know, “I am funnier than I have ever been and some of my funny is gonna come out of you, funnier, more clever, more alive, happier.”

Abraham-Hicks, London, September 20, 2014


What if we took this a step further, I wondered…and immediately I found this delightful picture of both Joan Rivers and Robin Williams together – sharing a happy laugh – no doubt happier, funnier and more alive than ever…and available to us right now!


joan rivers_robin williams

Joan Rivers and Robin Williams – can you feel their happy vibration?