Maximize your Book Writing Success with these Modern Energy Secrets Silvia Hartmann on Modern Energy for book writing

Silvia Hartmann, creator of Modern Energy and president of The Guild of Energists. shares with authors and creatives how to maximize your energy for joy and success in your work.

Silvia is a genius for creating programmes, concepts, and multiple books that change lives, and explode stuck concepts about time, space, reality. Today we focus on creativity! Based in the UK, originally from Germany, Silvia has a large YouTube following offering wisdom on all things Modern Energy.

Silvia’s quote that opens the interview:
“You are the creator. Raise your energy, state your aims and outcomes. Bring your mind body spirit in the same place at the same time and discover just how amazing the things you do can become.”

The Modern Energy Chart.

Silvia’s Modern Energy Chart shows how our emotional-energy states affect our creativity as writers.

The Energy Chart goes from +10 to -10.

It begins with Genius Level (+10) when you’re in your genius state.

Says Silvia: “When you’re connected, you know what you’re doing, your body is moving fluidly. You’re not making any mistakes, you’re perfectly in the zone. This is not exclusive to clever people. Any human being, if they get high enough energy, will become poetic, will express themselves in extremely creative, even holy, terms.

“But when this energy is depleted, your creativity, productivity and mindset gradually drop lower and lower. You sink so low you question yourself: Am I good enough, creative enough? Will I ever get another inspiration?

When a writer asks people to validate their artistic creative endeavors, you know they’re in a really serious energy state. “In the genius zone (+10), creatives know their work is good,” says Silvia. “They can feel it in their heart, they don’t need validation.”

But the more depleted they get energetically, the worse it gets. Anxiety, panic attacks, and burnout plague the artist. Then comes depression. I’m a failure and nobody loves me.”

Finally, it can end in self-harm and even suicide.

“Any artist, writer, or creative going through these energy highs and lows may question themselves because of such energy fluctuations.

“Writer’s block starts when the writer has an idea but not the energy to action it. Then his energy drops further to zero, and he’s feeling neither good nor bad—just everything is boring and dreary, like he’s sitting in front of a white wall and watching the paint dry.

“Dropping from zero to minus seven on the Modern Energy Chart, the writer reaches an explosive point where they just go crazy, where they burn all their work, or they throw the manuscript out of the window, or start self-mutilating. These actions are simply a result of the energy states continuing to drop.”


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CARYL – Today I welcome Silvia Hartmann, creator of Modern Energy and President of The Guild of Energists. Silvia is a genius when it comes to creating programs, concepts, and multiple books that change lives, and explode stuck staid concepts about time, space, reality – and creativity. Based in the UK, originally from Germany, Silvia has a large YouTube following. One of her pioneering concepts, which she’ll share with us today, has over 1 million downloads on her website.

Welcome, Silvia.

SILVIA – Hi, pleasure to be here with you today.

CARYL – Silvia, I’ve made it a brief introduction, but I haven’t really shared the 30,000-foot overview of your work.

SILVIA – My original breakthrough in realizing that energy was entirely real was in animal behavior work. I discovered the effects of interactions of something that we called the ‘invisible something.’ In science you’re allowed to put in an X factor, so we could see that there was something being exchanged – an invisible something. I knew nothing about energy or anything like that. I’d never interacted with it, never been religious, never been ‘new agey’ in any way. But I could see there was something being exchanged.


When these invisible exchanges were being disrupted, behavior would get predictably worse, seen systemically in animals, in horses, in cats, in dogs, in dolphins. My research group at the time was fascinated by it. We started to see the same exchanges between human beings – there was an invisible something being exchanged. Then I had a revelation and I thought, ‘Oh, my God, it’s love.’ The less amount of love that is being exchanged, the worse behaviors become, until there is some kind of breakdown, where they literally collapse in on themselves – and that’s caused by the absence of Love.

Now that word love was way too controversial. So we started talking about energy. I started out with the Modern Energy Chart. This simply tracks a pattern that we found which goes from minus 10, which is death, to plus 10, which is an enlightenment state. This is how you can track any social creature and their stress states, and also how well they can perform. It is an essential scientific instrument.

This affects our energy states, or our moods, if you want to call them that. Our emotional states affect everything we do, and they also affect creativity. So there’s our link in there. I want to first share this chart by showing how quickly emotions affect creativity. We have a free eBook that you can share – with the chart and loads of explanations, and we can put a link to that.

SILVIA – [Showing the chart] So if we start here at this end, this is your genius state – when you’re connected, you know what you’re doing, your body is moving fluidly. You’re not making any mistakes, you’re perfectly in the zone, you are creating at the genius level up here. This is not exclusive to clever people. Any human being, if they get high enough energy will become poetic, will be able to express themselves in extremely creative, even holy terms.


It’s something that happens when you get that high. So as we’re going down this chart here we have a Hollywood blockbuster, and here we have somebody who’s really working on their novel and writing and rewriting, which is good. This guy here (pointing to the chart) has an idea for something creative but he doesn’t have enough energy to actually make it happen.


He’s typical of a person who thinks of writing a book, or thinks of painting a picture, or thinks of taking an art class. But they’re staying on the couch because they don’t have enough energy to actually go and make it happen. Next we have the guy with the creative block when energy is at zero, and he’s feeling neither good nor bad – just everything is boring and dreary and you’re sitting in front of a white wall and watching the paint dry.


SILVIA – The more our energy gets depleted, the more our bodies get into the negative energy state. On the chart you can see the guy’s got question marks over his head. So he’s going, ‘Oh, I wonder if I’m good enough as an artist, if I’m creative enough?  Will I ever have another idea? Oh, dear, do you think my poem’s any good?’


When you start asking people to validate your artistic creative endeavors, you know you’re in a really serious energy state because these guys higher up the scale on the chart, they know their work is good. They can feel it in their heart, they don’t need validation, which is cool.


But going back to the ‘green guy’ on the chart. Now it gets even worse. Now we’re getting into anxiety, panic attacks, freak- outs. Then eventually you have this huge explosion at minus seven, where the person just goes crazy, where they burn all their work, or they throw the manuscript out of the window, or start self-mutilating – these are simply a result of the energy states getting lower, and lower, and lower.


After this outburst has happened you have your depressed person saying: ‘I know it’s all a failure and nobody loves me.’ And that’s just normal and natural. Any creative person, any artist, goes through that all the time – up and down, up and down on the SUE Scale. [Silvia created the SUE scale which measures how you are feeling on a scale of 1-10 moving up into the highest positive energy level of +10]


What that does is it creates this confusion in people. Because one minute they can touch the fabric of the universe, and weave the lines of time and space into a tapestry of their own making. The next day they’re like, ‘I don’t know if I’m any good.’ The next day they are angry and freaked out. And the next day, depressed.


Then there’s writer’s block. Then how can one person be so useless? Blocked? Creative? Who am I? How does that work in the self-concept? The solution is to get a better energy flow going which then results directly in a better creative output, better ideas, more energy to implement the ideas in the real world. Then that’s wonderful.


CARYL – Have you had to discover that yourself? Talk about something called the aspects of yourself? Am I on the right track with your own personal creative genius?


SILVIA – The Aspects Model actually answers this Who am I? question. Because what we say is YOU are here, and that’s who you are. Anything in the past are those past aspects of you. And in the future, they’re future aspects of you. But in the meantime YOU are right here and now – slithering down the old timeline, towards the light. That aspect model is just super useful.


Originally it was because when people were doing negative therapy, and they’re like, ‘I’m three years old and my father’s just hit me in the head and I’m suffering.’ This is not useful because you are not three years old, God Dammit, you’re a 95-year-old man in a wheelchair. You are not three years old.’ Important to get that straight.


So you have an aspect, that aspect was three years old and that aspect experienced these things, which gives us so much more scope to deal with our timeline. It also gives us more scope to deal with these energy fluctuations. Instead of saying, ‘Oh, my aspect behaved terribly yesterday,’ we can say, ‘well, around about seven o’clock, my aspect got really stressed and they said some things that I would never say if I was in a better energy state.’

CARYL – Are these aspects like parts of us?’

SILVIA – They are not parts – they are complete people in their own time and space They are complete energy bodies, mind, body, spirit, and physical, everything in their environment of that time. These are aspects of us – past aspects and future aspects.


CARYL – So the big question is, can you dissolve the ones that are no longer serving you – that pop up when you don’t really appreciate it?


SILVIA – Absolutely not. They’re all a part of this life. You can’t cut bits out of your life line. And they’re not parts, every one of them is a version of you –  a younger version or more stressed version. But it’s not just about forgiving and therapy and trauma and all of that. It’s not. We have loads of aspects who were really high energy who had fantastic experiences. I developed the concept of Star Matrix to explain that further. If anybody who’s listening to this is really fed up with trauma, and psychotherapy, I recommend this book, Star Matrix. You can get it on Amazon, all across the world.


SILVIA – But going back to the topic of managing your creativity for creative people. I have always been a very creative person. Some of it I put down to having been sexually abused as a child. What this causes is extremely strange side effects over time. One of them is out of body experiences and nightmares – the ability to leave your body and go somewhere else, and become very aware of the uses of imagination, if you want to call it that.


I don’t call it that – I call it the other world. Because our conscious mind can be right here, sitting here in my little room, I’ve got my microphone, I’ve got you on the screen, and we’re talking. But I could also go somewhere else – to another world where great striding beings are walking down the road. Each time they put their feet down – [dum, dum, dum] you feel that in your body, and you see them and you’re sort of scared, but amazed at the same time.


You could be in that other world instead and you understand that it isn’t just a distraction, it isn’t just a hobby, rather it’s a superb ability that all human beings have – not just those who have been sexually abused. Everybody has that ability to be able to use these worlds to have adventures, do healing, get material for stories, songs, and pictures, as a creative well-spring, rather than copying other people’s stuff.


Way back in 1993 I started asking the question ‘can everybody do this?’ Can everybody access these worlds? That was how I created Project Sanctuary. It was a research project of mine to find out if I can get people to step into other worlds and have adventures there, and the answer to that is yes. The project finally concluded in 2016. It took that long, 25 years, because I wanted to be absolutely sure this wouldn’t make people worse, that it was a beneficial thing to be doing in the long term.


So then the project concluded and we have a thing now called Supermind instead, which is about when the conscious mind and the energy mind get together – then they become more than the sum of their parts. They become the ‘supermind’ that happens naturally in a very high energy state.


CARYL – You say you took 25 years of research and validation and testing… getting the results with your clients and your followers. Can you give us an example?


SILVIA – There are an awful lot of techniques, including lots of modern energy techniques, that you can use if you have some kind of really mundane boring problem, like not wanting to wash up dishes or not feeling comfortable paying your bills. Project Sanctuary is for the other stuff, for the big questions of life, wellsprings of creativity, sorting out for yourself what your relationship is with God or with angels, or you know who you are in the greater scheme of things as a soul being – that’s what Project Sanctuary is.


CARYL – Are you going to share with us writers and authors ways that we can use some of your techniques?


SILVIA – The way I see this is that we have this living energy body. The head and neurology of the energy body are what people used to think of in the olden days as the sub or unconscious mind. So in other words your living energy body has got a heart of energy, it’s got healing hands, and it’s got a head designed to compute energy realities. That’s what it’s for. That’s its purpose. When you stress it like everything else, it starts to get garbled and scrambled. You can see that in schizophrenics, right? Their metaphors start melting…and in the end you get some madness like putting a frog into a blender. But that’s just the stress effect.


When a person isn’t stressed they can communicate really easily with what I like my students to call ‘my dear energy mind.’ You say to it: ‘I know you don’t speak linear language. I know you speak in sounds and visions and sensations and I’d like to learn more about your ways. I know you are here to serve me, to make my life starry and better than it is – my dear energy mind.’ That’s what I encourage my students to say and think.


We start in the heart position, which is where you point to, and you say ‘this is me.’ Or I may put the center of your leading hand over that position, placing the other hand on top, then take a deep breath in and out. That is the heart position. We start almost every technique in the heart position because it simply tells everybody involved we’re going to do something together in the physical body, we can feel that through our first sense, the sense of feeling. The energy body is involved because we’re actually putting our power centers into the heart center field, and in charging up the hands of energy, the mind is involved.


The energy mind can be involved too if we invite it to the party. In any kind of creative endeavor we simply start with a setup ‘dear energy mind, give me something beautiful today, to make me happy, to light my way’ and the conscious mind asks the question. But the energy mind has to provide the answer in the form of ascension, which is not just a vision, not just seeing, it’s a full body experience. So you say to the energy mind, ‘give me something to make me happy today. What’s the time of day in this happy place? Morning? Afternoon? Night? Midnight? What’s the time of year? Is it summer, autumn, winter, or spring? And what’s the weather today? What’s the environment?’ And what else is here?


SILVIA – Anybody who’s reasonably non stressed and is reasonably functional enough to read a newspaper can have this experience. The questions are being answered by the energy mind, not by some mysterious thing, some giant entity from outer space. It’s just your own energy mind answering the questions that the conscious mind has put to it. Then normally we talk about it a little bit. What did you see? Where did your energy take you? Did you get to a place today with me here? What did you get?

CARYL – I love a waterfall or seascape, I go there.

SILVIA – You’re now in a place called a habitat. You are going to spend a good time there – as you explore and find treasures and riches. You may find the starting point for a story. Earlier on we started talking about giant strange beings walking around that habitat, standing somewhere, and there’s a story to be told in this. Now I could paint the giant beings walking, or I could create a dance where you become a giant being walking, which would be awesome for energy raising. You could start a story, a strange planet, or a little child seeing such a giant being for the first time and he wants to become a writer. It could be the soul of the giant beings that I’m translating onto the keyboard or into the guitar. It’s infinite creativity. That’s what it is. All we have to do is ask the dear energy mind to make a setup.

CARYL – Let’s say you’re working on a nonfiction book.

SILVIA – Back in the day when Google was still playing fair and you could get keywords into an article, I gave my dear energy mind the job of creating an article using a set of 150 keywords, gave it a length of 1500 words and said go – and it did. It calculated and wrote that thing for me. It was brilliant, I absolutely loved it. Once you start working with setups it’s not just turn on the computer and sit there and go, make a setup. Today I want to write a short inspirational poem no more than about 10 lines that I can post to Facebook, and that’s going to get loads of likes and that will cheer me up as well. I’m going to be proud of posting. Right, let’s go do it, energy mind.


Then you can start typing using a setup as an absolutely essential part of your everyday creative process. In that case it doesn’t matter because you didn’t say, okay, give me a really technical article that will bore the pants off of everybody who reads it, and will sound terribly, terribly scientific. I can say ‘give me something extraordinary that I’ve never heard before. Show me something I’ve never seen before. Sock it to me!


CARYL – So you’re really in a playful mood. I think one of the questions you tell people to ask is, ‘how can this be easy?’ And ‘how can this be fun?’ In a way what you’re saying to me is instead of seeing your writing task as something that you’ve got to struggle towards, you’re bringing it into a playful, easy mode.


SILVIA – The way to do that, though, is to raise energy, if you raise energy, everything else becomes playful. That is the general rule for all things. Raise energy and your performance becomes better – across the  mind, body, and spirit. There are a billion ways to raise energy. One of the fastest energy raises is talking about sex, sex, sex sex, sex.


Yes, talking about sex is a wonderful way of raising energy. The basic entry level into Modern stress management, which is business based, is becoming aware of what you’re already doing to raise energy. Some people need a cup of coffee. Learning how you are managing your own energy, moment to moment in real life, is the absolute key. You can then choose to do something more energetic, or you can choose not to. It’s about knowing how we work personally – what we do to raise energy, and what happens in your lives that brings us down and depresses us. Fix the leaks. Where’s the energy going out?


For instance after mother-in-law’s been around and told you for half an hour yet again how useless you are – then you’re suicidal. You get to the keyboard and you’re going ‘I want to write something uplifting. Boo, hoo, hoo’ [crying]. Be energy aware, this is what I’m wishing for the world, understand the invisible something is real. It influences your performance, your abilities, your self-esteem, your health, your immune system, everything.

SILVIA – Tip #1 that I’ve been giving creatives, is to PUT YOURSELF FIRST. Many people, as they’re getting into their creative careers, have other work, and families etc. What happens is that they do everything else first, and then try to be creative when the kids are in bed.  They say ‘now I’m going to be creative.’ But they’re exhausted, they’re tired, with literally nothing left to give. This results in substandard creation because those tired exhausted aspects cannot possibly do as well as a fresh, bright, cheerful, fully energized aspect.


If you are a creative and you need to create – do the creation first. Even if your kids get up at four o’clock in the morning, you have to get up at 3.30 a.m. So okay, you can go to bed when they go to bed. If you start something creative when you’ve got the energy you’re already in such a better position to actually end up creating something that will change your life…so that you don’t have that boring job anymore, so you can make money from it.


SILVIA – Tip #2 is to MAKE A SETUP. It doesn’t constrict your creativity. It gives you control of your creativity. Be clear what you want to do. Say: ‘dear energy mind, today we’re going to make a wonderful song, a brilliant dance.’ So everybody [mind, body, spirit] knows what you’re trying to do. And everybody can help.


Tip #3 is RAISE ENERGY. There’s loads of techniques and ways to raise energy. Tapping is a nice, easy, simple way. I would like to invite you to try that out for yourself. It’s simply using your finger and 10 steps to more energy. We’re going to be painting, or making gestures in dance, or we’re going to be writing on a keyboard, or with a pen. Or we’re doing makeup – which is also creative. We’d be using our hands – so let’s activate these magic, creative hands so that they sparkle and can’t wait to get to work.


SILVIA – Hello hands. Good hands. We’re going to touch the tips of the fingers, rather than the sides.  Let’s go through some happy things like ‘I want to be creative. I want to be happy. I want to create wonderful things that people love and enjoy. I want to create things that children love and enjoy. I want to create more love in the world. I want to be a good influence on this planet. I want to write with power and strength. I want to write something magical. I want to have a wonderful time and learn something that I didn’t know before.’ Now let’s rub our hands together and we can go to work. Can you feel that in your fingers? I can. I can feel the energy all the way up my arms into the back of my neck. And this only took two minutes.


CARYL – Is that because these are meridian points? Or doesn’t that matter?


SILVIA – We’re doing it on our fingers because our fingers are what creates. We create through our hands when we make a physical object. It’s a combined Mind Body Spirit thing. The mind says the affirmations, the body feels the touch, ‘Hello body, you’re in the game as well, you’re not left out.’ And the spirit is obviously the living energy body that each one of us has, which is always happy when we pay some attention to it. It brings Mind Body Spirit together in this happy exercise.


Some people accuse me of being a happy bunny and I’m not – believe me I’m not. What I’m saying is YOU ARE THE CREATOR. You can say ‘I want to make something that’s going to be horrible and bloody and everybody is going to be freaked out by it.’


You are the creator. Raise your energy, state your aims and outcomes. Bring your Mind Body Spirit in the same place at the same time and discover just how amazing the things you do can become.


CARYL – This is so empowering, inspiring. We have to end it here but where can people follow up and find out more about you and your work?

SILVIA – A single URL: This is the site for the Guild of Energists.  I would definitely like more people to watch my YouTube videos. Just search Silvia Hartmann (Silvia with an i) and you will find my channel and I’d love to have you there. May I end with my favorite little poem? It’s only four lines.

Now raise your crown of lights

Unfold your radiant wings.

You own both day and night

And do such splendid things

CARYL – Thank you so much Silvia.