Are you feeling stuck in a “stop-go” dilemma with your goals for 2020?

The likely culprit is fear and self-doubt.

It’s a common obstacle on the journey to goal success to reach a place of uncertainty, fear and anxiety, especially in the first quarter of a new year.

What you truly crave is a does of COURAGE and CERTAINTY.

In the 1990s a golden sales guru called Tom Hopkins,  famous for his “act like a lamb, sell like a lion” approach to coaching “sales champions” 

said there is no such thing as “laziness” or “procrastination”.


“Why don’t you want to do what you know you should do? The reason you don’t is that you’re in conflict with yourself,” says Hopkins.

Over the years I have discovered many ways to clean and clear this “stuckness” – and one of the fastest and most effective methods is EFT TAPPING – as in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

Recently I met Joe Vitale and hearing him talk about “awakening” at the Miracles Weekend in San Diego (2008) led me to experiment more with clearing my inner blocks with the Self I-Dentity Ho’oponopono technique of saying: ‘I ‘m sorry, Please forgive me, I love you, Thank you” – all explained in detail in the book Zero Limits by Joe Vitale and Ihaleakala Hew Len.

The main result is that you move out of the VICTIM mentality, take full responsibility for everything in your life and, best of all, begin to live from inspired action – rather than goal-driven intention setting, which can be great, but sometimes becomes frustrating as you attempt to “row upstream” in pursuit of your dreams.