Susan Boyle – why does her story appeal to millions of us so powerfully?

Because she took a risk to follow her heart and enter the You Got Talent competition last year. Over 40 and by no means a model beauty. But shining from inside and with a voice to match.

Because she was an outsider – not particularly attractive nor assertive by nature.

Because she came second but won our hearts and lucrative contracts to showcase her singing.

Yes she was gifted with a voice.  But more than that came the desire to fan a burning desire and fulfill her wildest dreams.  Her nervous system was not primed for stardom and the stresses of the You’ve Got Talent Competition. But she did it anyway.

Ask yourself – what excuses are you still telling yourself about a deeply held dream in YOUR heart right now?

Take one risk today towards it.

I did that this week when I entered the Next Top Spiritual Author competition along with thousands of others.

Why? Because I BELIEVE in my message and in giving my book the best shot I can. I’m older than Susan Boyle. But taking a shot at being a best-selling author based on you heart-felt message is good enough for me to push on with my dream.


Will you support me please?  In my own dream to break free? All I ask is two clicks of your mouse and the time it takes to vote here:

When you’ve done that Skype me a message on breakfreefast for a free 30 minute consultation on getting unstuck to follow Your Big Dream. I want to pay forward your effort on my behalf by helping you.