Tapping on I’M ANGRY AND OUTRAGED can turn this seemingly negative emotion into a surprising channel for deserving and abundance.

Voicing anger helps someone who has been playing small or cannot set boundaries to come to a new level of feeling worthy and deserving – and possibly have an important breakthrough.

Properly transformed anger can be the energy to change your life – tapping on your anger will give you a more balanced perspective to ask: What is this anger calling me to do in my life right now?

How it worked for me

A fabulous concept that certainly has worked in my own life.

First I needed to clear the inability to control my anger and hurt people I loved.

But in time using energy therapy like EFT Tapping and releasing the pent-up energy of stored fear and anger from my childhood, I came, a Lynch suggests, to let channelled anger be a push in a positive direction, resulting in action and ultimately a life of abundance.

What about you – please leave a comment if you find anger simply a curse which controls your life negatively – or the channel suggested for deserving and abundance.