Tapping World Summit Video Series - Dr. Mark Hyman
EFT Tapping is part of Dr Mark Hyman’s approach to health called Functional medicine. This is what he uses to get great healing results with his clients including the likes of Bill Clinton and the many doctors who consult him for their own health issues. He treats many doctors and patients sent by esteemed medical schools like Harvard.

Dr Hyman’s multi-pronged approach to treating his patients is definitely the way of the future and in 20 years ALL healing professionals will understand this, he says. Some approaches he recommends: exercise, breathwork and meditation – alongside emotional clearing to get to the source of chronic illness – as with EFT Tapping.

EFT Tapping lets you “take back your health”

It’s about “taking back your health” and understanding how your body works – including the emotional components – to create ultra-wellness not merely aiming to treating the disease he calls diabesity in his best-selling book The Blood Sugar Solution.

Let’s take back our health, says Hyman – and by including EFT Tapping in his approach to ultra-wellness, we know he is speaking for millions who want to reclaim or boost their health and well being.

Want to join in the revolution against junk food, junk living, junk thinking?  Then listen to Dr Hyman speaking out here and give EFT Tapping your best shot.