That Sucked, Now What?’ is a mantra that Dr Neeta Bhushan created to survive through times of trauma and heartache in her own life – and yet come out thriving.

In this interview she shares how her experiences turned into her fourth book: “That Sucked, Now What? How to embrace the joy and chaos and find magic in the mess.”
The aim: to help others navigate the suck, but more importantly, fly forward to thrive, not simply survive.

To the world she was living the American Dream. Successful dental practice,  securely married etc. But behind closed doors she was hiding a very painful truth. “I was leading a secret double life in a tumultuous marriage of abuse and trauma,” she says.

Finally having the grit to go to court and leave the “suck” catapulted her on a healing journey she shares in this interview. She met shamans around the world who assisted her to do the deep emotional healing work from her childhood and release the stored grief of losing her mother, father and younger brother within a three-year span from when she was 19.

I asked Dr. Neeta how to get to the place where you see the magic in the mess because it’s not easy when you’re in the suck to see a way out.
She says it’s a five step process:

  • Falling,
  • Igniting
  • Rising,
  • Magnifying and
  • Thriving

Her tips:

  • Feel your sucky feelings fully in your body, not deny them.
  • Be like a feisty two-year-old and express those feelings through movement and sound if you need to.
  • Bounce back with resilience (she shares how).

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