• Introduction to the Alter Ego Effect:
    • What do confident influencers like Tony Robbins, Beyoncé, Maya Angelou, James Clear and Tim Ferris have in common?  Harnessing their ALTER EGO.
    • Todd Herman’s “Alter Ego Effect” is a tool for resilience and creativity.
  • Todd Herman’s Insights:
    • The power of secret identities to unlock your best self.
    • How adopting an Alter Ego can combat self-doubt and negativity.
    • The method isn’t about pretending; it’s about awakening the hero within.
  • The Power of Imagination:
    • Rekindling the childlike wonder of “playing pretend” for adult success.
    • The wisdom and strength in our natural creative imagination.
  • Real-life Success Stories:
    • Sarah’s journey from writer’s block to writing prowess with “Max the Fearless Writer.”
    • Megan’s transformation into “The Storyteller” to overcome anxiety and blockages and deeply connect to her own inner voice.
    • Carmen’s creation of “The Muse” to break artistic barriers and embrace risk-taking.
    • Todd Herman’s pioneering work began with his own Alter Ego
    • Caryl Westmore’s “prop” for her chosen Alter Ego  — how it changed HER life.
  • Practical Steps:
    • How to identify and cultivate your Alter Ego.
    • Tips for visualizing and embodying your Alter Ego in everyday life.
    • The psychological benefits of this playful yet profound technique.
  • Conclusion:
    • Embrace your Alter Ego to finish projects with confidence and creativity.
    • The episode’s call to action: Dive deeper in Caryl’s course and book:Identify your own Alter Ego and share your story. Go to www.bustwritersblock.com

Join  Caryl Westmore in this episode as her AI narrator Dorothy shares value bombs from the book Bust Writer’s Block Forever diving into the transformative practice of the Alter Ego effect, and learn how to tap into your own wellspring of creativity and courage to overcome barriers and achieve success in your writing a


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