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Healing love in the Matrix with EFT-Matrix Reimprinting

How to apply my Top Tips on EFT-Matrix Reimprinting for LOVE/RELATIONSHIP issues in the NOW and bring down the intensity of conflict and pain is the aim of this article.

The secret is to realize that the conflict is rarely about the person who is triggering you but originates in the past.

Find the past trigger by asking four questions while doing EFT tapping.

These questions will lead to a person or scene from the past. This is your entry into the Matrix or energy field to deal with the SOURCE of the issue presenting NOW.

MARTHA heals her Younger Self/ECHO “in the Matrix”
Let me give an example from a recent therapy session.  My client Martha began by saying how stuck she felt in her marriage – she was embroiled in a power struggle with her husband and she ranted at length about him and his passive aggressive attitude to her.

“I want OUT,” she stormed, “I feel stuck and bored”.

Ask these four questions while tapping around the energy points:

  • If there was someone in your life that he reminds you of – who might it be?
  • What feelings does this trigger in you?
  • Where do you feel those triggers in your body? What color might they be?
  • When have you felt like this before – does a scene or incident from earlier in your life come up?

Immediately I asked her to begin tapping while I asked the four questions above.

Before long she indicated she remembered an incident when she was about five years old. She was with her mother who asked the little Martha to do something for her. Up to that moment, Younger Martha had felt love and warmth between her and her Mum. She went ahead and did as asked.  But suddenly, for no apparent reason, her mom began yelling at her and she froze with feelings of fear, rejection and shock.

This gave an opening for her present day self to step into the scene to assist her ECHO (Energy Consciousness Hologram) – that younger part of her. Initially the ECHO looked a bit scared when she approached her but soon relaxed when her request for a favorite cartoon character to enter the scene was instantly granted.

We started by asking her ECHO what she most wanted in the way  of help and resources from this magical new friend and supporter.  For some time I sat silently and allowed Martha to facilitate the ongoing interaction between her ECHO and the this fuzzy loving cartoon friend who not only promised to sort out her mother for her – but to come home with her for a day and continue to support and help her. Within minutes the traumatic freeze had been deactivated and Martha was laughing happily with her friend.

This was the scene we REIMPRINTED into Martha’s brain; flooding all the cells of her body and eventually putting it into her heart and then sending it out into the matrix.

We checked the ECHO again and she now wanted another magical friend to help her Mum as well – which we duly did.

Then it was time to come back to Martha in the NOW. We checked her level of intensity about her husband and marriage.

It had gone down to almost zero compared with being a 10 at the start of the session.

“I feel so much better and able to see things in perspective,” she said. “Whatever happens, I am going to be okay.”

What this means is that YOU too can deactivate the time-bomb of a frustrating or irritating relationship in YOUR life – and create a space for reflection and a feeling inside that you are going to be okay to move forward with purpose and peace to find new opportunities for LOVE and LOVING in your life.

These top tips on EFT-Matrix Reimprinting for love may inspire YOU!

Let me help YOU get clear on how EFT-Matrix Reimprinting can help you in regard to love and resolving the pain of a relationship – past or present…Skype me NOW at breakfreefast or email me: breakfreefast (at)

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