Dr Joe Vitale and new book Unexpected Kindness


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You’d think he was always so cock-sure of himself?

Think again, as you will discover by reading this book.


1) You get a peek into the vulnerabilities and challenges he had to overcome before becoming the ultra-confident marketing guru on Larry King Live; the world’s leading Law of Attraction expert, host of his own TV show. Also an inspiring musician or “motivating inspirator” as he calls himself; known to millions as Mr Fire.

Dive even deeper into his early days in this story-rich autobiographical book.


2) You feel uplifted by how small acts of kindness can be life-changing as seen through his eyes. Unexpected, genuine kindness extended to the younger Dr. Joe Vitale (before he became a global star) makes you realize how important giving a hand up to others can be.

For instance, take the time he wrote to Shakti Gawain, famous for her book Creative Visualisation. He offered to hold an event for her in Houston. But it turned out harder than he had expected.

“I was naïve,” he writes. “I thought I could just visualize the event’s success.”

When she asked him how it was going and he admitted, “no signups yet,” she was angry and irritated and screamed at him before slamming down the phone.

He writes: ” I was cratered. I was hurt. I took on too much, too soon, and I didn’t know what I was doing.”

Shakti later called him back with suggestions that eventually filled the workshop.

An unexpected kindness he never forgot.


An added bonus is the exquisite quote that starts each chapter.

I pick one at random from as an example:

“Your acts of kindness are iridescent wings of divine love, which linger and continue to uplift others long after your sharing.” RUMI


Personal Kindness to me by Dr. Joe Vitale, writing the Foreword to The Inner Path of Writing

Ultimately, I owe Dr. Joe Vitale deep gratitude for his own unexpected kindness to me over the years, mainly writing the Foreword to my most recent book, The Inner Path of Writing AND 10 years ago, to my book You Can Break-Free Fast EFT Tapping, 3 Simple Steps to Get Unstuck and Attract the Life you Love.  

Unexpected Conclusion

Simply that as others have been unexpectedly kind to Dr. Joe Vitale, so you can only imagine and trust how he has paid it forward to many many others, unacknowledged by the world.

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