The Law of Attraction works like this – focus on what you want and use what you DON’T WANT to rocket your desires to your desired outcomes.

When I was alone and broke – I didn’t know what I should most focus on – money or love?

What would really really really make me feel good? One word summed it up for me:


I wanted to be free from… worry, fear, debt and insecurity.

Free to live in a “nature rich” place with a loving supportive husband who made me feel good.

But in the interim, I trained myself to PRACTICE GRATITUDE for all the things I did have and then I gave more thanks for the imaginary life I would LOVE to have.

Yesterday as I basked in the glory of my life now I realized it is living proof of what I write and teach about how to get the Law of Attraction working for you.

I live a dream life with a loving husband who I met and married two years ago. We are in harmony and express joy, gratitude and love each moment of the day as we appreciate our blessings continuously.

For instance when we returned from our six month sojourn in Cape Town to our home on the Isle of Wight, a magical “nature rich” island off the south coast of England, we needed a car.

So we put out to attract the perfect car, preferably a hatch-back Toyota, a make of car which Nick has found to be reliable and sturdy. We also wanted a nearly-new model, with full service record, previously owned by one caring driver.

We found the perfect car within 3 days. And we keep saying how grateful we are!

We are busy most days with a list of To Do’s – but we always take time to enjoy ourselves.

Yesterday we packed a picnic – though it was 4pm before we found ourselves lazing at a coastal village called Gurnard, about 15 minutes from where we live in Newport. As the sail boats drifted by and the sun sparkled on the water – we felt languorous – and free. We put down a blanket and lolled on it, feeling the luckiest couple in the world. Nick fell asleep in the sun – his hat covering his face, his lanky legs outstretched and relaxed. I rested for a bit but then was inspired by the views to take out my camera. What freedom, joy, gratitude and grace infuses my life now.


My point is: you too can harness the Law of Attraction to attract the life you love. I can recommend the following – to boost YOUR success:

Get Quiet – switch off all the electronic gadgets and go into a quiet space of reflection or meditation, preferably in or near nature.

Get Clear – use the energy tapping techniques I describe in my book to clear the cobwebs of negative beliefs and faulty thinking running and ruining your life – often going back to childhood. In my Break-Free Mastery course I share at least six other amazing miracle inducing techniques including Decreeing with the Violet
Flame and Self-Identity Ho’Ponono as taught by Dr Joe Vitale and Dr Hew Len. My teaching always come packed with real-life case studies – either from my own life or that of my clients.

Get Gratitude – by practicing gratitude and being thankful daily you will increase and maximize your pulling power with the Law of Attraction – guaranteed to dissolve all negativity and accelerate miracles into your life.

Banish the “ugly sisters” of Procrastination and Perfectionism.

Get Going – take action – one step – even one baby step – at a time. This builds momentum and success – the better it gets, the better it gets.

Go for your dreams and break-free fast with the Law of Attraction – you deserve it!